Dividends/Passive Income

2013 Dividend: $13.26

2014 dividend: $2618.90

  • December $577.67
  • November $110.01
  • october $0.06
  • september $321.64
  • august $0.79
  • july $1.09
  • june $555.96
  • may $329
  • april $12.12
  • March $393.56
  • february $305
  • january $12

2015 Dividends: Total: $3413.22

2016 Dividend: 

    • January: $134.54
    • February: $241.38
    • March: $878.07
    • April: $141.29
    • May: $47.75
    • June: $744.26
    • July: $32.57
    • August: 60.95
    • September: 877.97
    • October:765.66
    • November: 754.68
    • December: 953.32
    • Total: $6232.32

2017 Passive Income:

**Toward the end of 2016, I’ve used the money from my taxable portfolio to buy 2 rental property. To continue to disclose the amount that I’ve made using the source of money. I also reported the mixed of rental income and dividend income. So here goes:

So far in 2017 total: $26,641

Dividend/Passive Income Since 2013: $38916.89

I might checking into lending club, but for now, I don’t have the time. I’ll also will buy another property to be closer to work if the price is right.

Dividend and interest for 2014 took a hit, and it didn’t make my mark, as I sold about $115k worth of stock to buy my 4-plex, which bring income about $1700/mon. The 4-plex was a lot of work at the beginning, but it’s turned out a better investment because $115k I can bring $1700/mo, it’s more than 10% return, compare to 2-4% on dividend.

Also, I didn’t start to have a blog to keep tract of my dividend therefore I was less discipline at staying on course to earn and grow dividend as I did this year.

2015 Goals:

1. I’ll use the monthly profit from rent to buy 50% BAC, JMP, WFC, and 50% Dividend stock, after the year, I should have 12 different stocks, so it will even out in dividends. Since I want a well rounded diversify profile, I’m not going to totally invest in dividend stock. I also want some growth stocks. In my opinion, this year, bank stocks will be explosive.

2. I was a non-believer in dividend stocks, but now I’ve changed my view when I see others do it. Please check out my blogroll for yourself. Even though they only have a 20-40 shares of each stocks, but they can still bring home $500-1000/mo. Accumulation and diversification will help.


  1. I see a couple names in common between your dividend payers and my own. I am guessing you will be adding to your portfolio over time and build up a more diversified passive income stream. Thanks for sharing.

    • I checked out your portfolio awhile back. You are very effective at generating dividends. I’m checking the dividend calendar and add to my portfolio throughout the year to balance it out. Thank for stopping by.

    • Yeah, I had close to $275k, compare to some dividend champion blogger, I’m way behind. Then, I took $115k to buy my 4-plex, so this year I am rebuilding my porfolio, only try to set the goal to $3k. Will see how this will go. Thank you for stopping by.

  2. Your dividend growth looks great! I will follow you on your journey to financial freedom. Keep up the great investing and diversification and it will pay off tremendously. Thanks for sharing!
    Take care

    • I haven’t done the tallies yet. However, back in July 2014, I sold all of my positions in anticipation of buying my rental property and started over, I had about $280k. I used $115k for rental and $40k to remodel garage. Capital gain is about $10k, the rest is fresh capital for the current portfolio of $238k.

  3. Nice growth month after month. What I am pleased to see is the good diversification, because I have also similar mindset what comes to investing Keep up the good work!

    Btw. Good add on this rental properties to passive income. I have thought the same but due to low interest rates in Europe the house prices are so high at this moment. So, profit is only about 3% with rental houses. Need to wait still a little bit.


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