NVidia and Intel stock buy?


Well, my beast computer that’ve ordered from Cyperpower PC got delayed by … 1 month. Making it a 2 months wait.

Nvidia came out with a graphic card 2080 Ti, that making it the fastest and the best GPU maker for multi-tasks. Pretty much all the streamers and serious video game players will eventually upgrade to this. Better yet, the big players might have double or triple of this GPU in their rig.

The price tag is $1300s (it costs more than a great laptop) for one GPU. Sounds so ridiculously expensive. Not too long ago, the stock price was in the 30s, now it’s in $200-$300.

Cyper Power PC told me that they ran out of the newly introduce Core i9. So, they can’t provide me the machine. Newegg.com has plenty, but then…  I don’t want to build it by myself. haha 🙂

Even though the bitcoins and the e-coins are down recent months, however, nvidia and intel are the 2 go to to building the mining rig.

It could also be that the Trump taxes imposed on China might have created some artificial demand/supplies issues. Clogging at the shipyard or something. If that the case, we won’t see these company reporting bigger revenues and profits … = DOOM and BUST.

I’m still comtemplating, also Intel is pretty enticing with the dividend pay out.

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