February Passive Income


This is how's I feel receiving passive income!!

What’s up, everyone? How was your February? Mine was awesome, as I kicked off the month with the 12 days vacation, eight of those were in St. John and St. Thomas. Then, I came home to wonderful February winter with days were above 60F. Today, it’s 80F.

As far as Passive Income. 

  • Dividend income comes at the modest of $10 from KMI. Dividend income remains pretty sweet, because I didn’t have to work for any of this.
  • $700 for the Rental in the Midwest
  • $1000 for one of the apartment that I were able to rent two rooms.

Total of $1710. 

  • I spent: $27K so far renovating the building. So, $290+27K = $317
  • My rental in The midwest was $77K

Total of my portfolio is $394 + $8K in stocks = $402K

Had I leave everything in my portfolio, I would have gotten $450K right now. But I can’t beat $1710 in February income if I left in in the stock investment.

**I wasn’t going to report income from rental property, but since I’ve taken the money off of my taxable stock portfolio, so I want to report the income from this account, in case some of you wanted to compare apple to apple. The income I report here is excluding from my 3-plex, the 4-plex, and the earned income from my current job. I’d like to keep this information private for now. 

So far in 2017 total: $2430.58

January: $720.58

February: $1710.00

Goal progress:

  • My goal is to have $5000/mo in rental income, so I still have a way to go. But the good new is, the restaurant owners has started paying me $2000 for March rent. So, I know for sure, I’ll be receiving that money for March.
  • My 2017 goal is to also giving away $500/mo (revised from $700, because my sister wanted me to slot more money for maintenance). This month, I gave it to one of the men that has been working for me for a few years. His truck is out, and he’s looking for a used truck, he didn’t have enough money, so I helped him out with deposit.
  • Time flies quickly, I spoke to one of the bosses about going part-time, but they don’t have any spot open. They shuffle people around, the person who retired early from a part-time position, that position wasn’t available for me to take the spot. So, I’m still on the look out for part-time opening.

What’s about your passive income and portfolio? Would you taken the leap of faith and sold almost the entire stock portfolio to buy a 4-plex mixed use building like I did?



  1. I would have done the same if the opportunity knocked on my door. People need places to live and the stock market is crazy high right now. I have a Duplex myself that is rented and generates about $1500/passive income a month.

    The journey starts again, thats what matters right 🙂

    • Nice, congrats!

      A few years back, I’d only dream of getting $1500/yr not to mention $1500/mo. My monthly expense is $1350. So $1500 would well cover over a month of expense. LOL 🙂 spend $150/mo out for a management company, I’d retire on an island somewhere, don’t call me. heheh!

      Joke aside, are you planning on buying a couple more duplex and repeat the model? Surely, $3K if you can repeat it.

  2. I think at this rate its much better to have rental than dividend income at higher yields.

    You mentioned something about possibly leaving your current job. Any particular push factor or youre just heading to early retirement stage :D?

  3. Looks like you are doing all the right things with your rental income. While dividend income is lower, that’s expected since your focus shifted to property, you are still bringing in some great ‘passive’ income. Looks like 2017 is off to a good start. Would you consider part time work in another field just for the sake of finding part time work? Thanks for sharing.

    • In all fairness, I did put a lot of swear equity into the commercial property. The property in the Midwest was all outsourced. Versus dividend stock investing, I was doing my due diligence, that was why I was able to reap the benefit when the stocks went up. You can see from my “buying spree” posts through out the past several years.

      I’ll remain part time at my work because I’m still too young to fully retire, but I don’t want to work overnight shift. They required full time employees to work over night once a year or so. It was unpleasant to stay up all night. Beside, I’m planning on having a child, if that happens, I’d probably quit my job altogether. I don’t want my kid to get sick all the time from going to day care. All the colds and stuff can wait until kindergarten ? 🙂 with a small child, they grow up quick, I’m not sure I’d want to miss the moment. On the other hand, people telling me children can learn more skills in daycare, and they need a break from their parents. 🙂 I really don’t know.

      I’ll cross that road when I get there, in the meanwhile, my 4-plex provides enough for me to retire, my commercial property income will be bonus and allows me to put all of it into savings. I just want to have options to stay home with my kid if I have one. I go to work because I want to, not because I have to. I think passive income really empowered women and men or parents.

  4. Not bad, but I’m curious to see how you will be doing in the longer term, once everything is rented and up-and-running. Hope you reach your goals for the year.
    All the best with the investments!

    • Thanks, goals are set to be met or unmet. hehehe if I can’t reach $5K/mo forward income by year end, and I’d only get $4k/mo, I wouldn’t cry too hard. LOL 🙂 It’s once of the nice thing about passive income, they are just bonuses.

  5. Not a bad month at all, especially spending half of it on vacation. Seems like everything is falling into place with the rentals. That’s one aspect I would love to add to my assets to generate more passive income but it takes a lot of capital. Hope you can hit all your goals this year!

  6. Great month and I’m jealous of your vacation 🙂 Would love to get away with the family for a week down south on a beach but they’re too young.

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