Dividend Income – April 2015


Pacquiao-Mayweather-360x200 Did anyone watching the fight last night? I didn’t have the $100 for pay-per-view. I only get to see the result. Apparently, I didn’t miss much. Pacquiao spent the whole entire fight chasing Mayweather. And Mayweather was able to execute his plan at the hide-and-seek game. When he see the oppotunity, “Boo!” he’d jump out and throw a few jabs. Pacman said he wasn’t hurt, the fight was not living up the the media hype. Nonetheless, Mayweather was still 48-0 and plan to retire before 40 years old.

Most athletes, actors, and lottery winners had to learn quickly how to preserve the wealth to last their lifetime and their offspring’s lifetime. I guess, we’re doing it at a smaller scale, after all, I’m not missing out much not ordering $100 for Pay-per-view, and hours of headache because of high demand and traffic was loading up the network. I don’t have to worry about paying the bar-cover fee, food and drink while I’m there either. I live a simple life.

What I’m cheering on? I have VZ stock, so I’m looking for the bump in PPV traffic would translate to higher earning and dividend increase.

Let’s get to the chase:

4/15/2015 Dividend O – REALTY INCOME CORP REIT 041515 50 $9.48
4/10/2015 Dividend DEO – DIAGEO PLC SPONSORED ADR NEW 041015 15 $19.16
4/6/2015 Dividend WMT – WAL-MART STORES INC 040615 20 $9.80
 TOTAL $38.44

Considering, I was getting $0.00 in January, and companies are generally making pay out every quarter, with some exception of REIT. I’m actually making some progress. I was determined to smooth out my dividend payout. That way in 2 years when I pull the trigger, the dividend payout each month will mimic my paycheck.

I bought some GE stock, but missed the ex-divided date. However, as we all know, GE’s CEO is looking to return $90 billions to shareholder, so I’m looking forward to GE stock to appreciate and the increase in stock value.

2015 Dividends:

January Dividend $0
February Dividend $107.67
March Dividend $658.55
April Dividend:  $38.4

Total So Far in 2015: $804.66

Even though I’ve started investing in 2006, but it took me years to realize dividend is the way to go. That is why, I’m making a point to keep track of monthly dividend income to replace my monthly expense.

What’s about you? Have you started the dividend growth income process yet? How many years have you been at it?


  1. You are doing well +800$ in 4 months, that’s a very good quarterly pay check which will be re-invested and contribute to make your snow ball rolling.



  2. Hi Vivianne

    Wow $100 for a ppv there!!! I thought it’ll be cheaper in the US side there.

    Over here they are priced at around $30, still too pricey in my opinion, I guess they really make a lot from these deals. Anyway, we get to watch them in youtube a couple hours later 😉

    Good dividend income there so far for year to date, will be looking to see where you end up with end of the year.


    • I also saw the fight the day after on facebook, it was boring. I remember when I was little, I get to watch Mike Tyson’s 10 seconds knock out. That’s what boxing should be haha!

      Back in the old days, only the winner get the money, so therefore they’d try harder. Now they negociate “guarantee money” = no fun.

  3. I have been chasing passive income for a while, but have started a dividend process on my own portfolio. With the rentals bringing in 6-figures, I also want the dividends to cover what I need and provide extra income.

    Just picked up 50 shares of DVY and 25 shares of IVV yesterday. I try to do that every month to put something in the market.

    • iShares Select Dividend (DVY) yield 3.06 and iShares Core S&P 500 (IVV) yield 1.88 . I have to admit, up until this point, I didn’t know their existence. Thanks for sharing. I’m going to have to dig more into this. Each of them are well diversify, which is what need right now.

  4. Great to hear you’ve refined your focus towards dividends – it’s a pretty rewarding investment strategy, and I definitely have a part of my investment plan focused on dividends. Even though I’m much more ‘growth’ focused, I seem to keep moving towards those juicy dividend stocks!

    Keep up the great investing Vivianne!



    • I were only focus on “growth” so I watched my account turbulence $10K-20K at a time, which wasn’t fun at all. The dividend paying stock weather fairly well, especially $500-$1000 here and there, if it fall 10% of $1000, I still get $900, it doesn”t look as bad, so I’m not as panicking since I’ve started on this path. The Sleep Well At Night = SWAN way is the way to go 😛

  5. Vivianne,

    Excellent job once again! As RA50 said, you have a massive quarterly income level already. That’s $3,200 every year you will never have to work for again.

    Keep it up,

  6. It was a relatively boring fight, somewhat typical for Mayweather performances, it should be noted. Hence the reason I opted to search around for private streams online rather than going for the pay-per-view.

    Good work with your investment strategy. If you can anticipate the effect from events such as this one, you may be able to get ahead of the curve and cash in some amounts here and there. Big media hype events could be educational like that.

    Many thanks for posting!

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