Considering Buying More Tencent Stock


I’m deep into this game called “Fortnite” which Tencent owing 40% of the company. In August, there were 80M active users!! Yikes!!! The game is now available in all plateform – PC, XBox, Mobile (IOS and Android), PS4, Switch.

Fortnite Season 6 has just come out at 4am this morning, and I’m already spending 6 hours on it and I wasn’t bored with it at all. In fact, I was amazed at the graphic, at the story, at the adventure that I could do with my “friends”. Dude!! This game is a complete hit!! So much so that my sister is now banning my little nephew from playing it. She has taken the computer away. Yikes! He was the one who got me into it.

Also, last week, just before the season ended, the Stupid company (well actually, super smart company) came out with a **freaking Dragon that could breathe out blue fire.

Just to give you a background how the company makes money: The game is free, the company makes money buy selling skins and various items like gliders, emote (or dance moves), getting up the tiers to unlock stuff, etc – these are micro transaction $2-$20. And a Season Pass would cost 950 vBuck (the in-game currency), most people would spend the money on items through out the season, and they would save up 950-2000 vBuck.


Then Boom!! The stupidly, yet so good for showing off to your peers, dragon show up!!! Most of the kids I played with spent it ALL. Now, they’re stuck with paying the Battle Pass this season AGAIN!!

If they don’t get the battle pass: They’d miss out on getting a skin that evolve into a werewolf.

80M active players, ~40M get Battle Pass (this percentage maybe more because I rarely see people playing without skin), 20M has to buy Battle pass x $10 = 200M just from new Battle Pass alone, let alone these crazily, and stupidly tempting items that the developers throwing at these Preteens and Teenagers!!

Thats’s it!! I’m buying more Tencent Stock!!


  1. Interesting, I use to want to buy $ATVI due to the COD(call of duty) series being one of my favorite games of all time on the XBOX. The only thing I would say is be careful w/ these stocks, because if they don’t have a good game they could def take a tumble.

    • Tencent did tumble but due to China regulation get tough on all games. Some games, if players keep playing, they’ll take away the XP points!! haha. It’s the truth, I’m not kidding. And the tariffs, but they’ve rebounded nicely. We’ll see how this thing goes, but I’ve also quit playing Fortnite as it makes me sick (I’m pregnant, so weird things happen).

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