May Dividend Update (+63.3% vs Feb)


513729039-300x415Say What?

  • The DOW was down triple digits
  • The threat of Grexit
  • China is building island in the island belongs to the Phillpines, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc destablizing the South East Asia Region,
  • US banks are under scruity with the FIFA scandal,
  • Russia is still in Ukraine, ISIS is 70km outside of Baghdad
  • Boko Harram is roaming around Nigeria, many African die everyday trying to across the Mediterranean
  • Saudi is bombing Yemen
  • China stock down 6%
  • US dollars is up against all other currency
  • The list is not even close the all the bad news that are happening right now in the world.

Man! It’d suck being a day trader that got stuck in the middle of the whole thing. Buy high and having to always on the lookout. I’ve never been happier being a dividend growth investors. With all of those bad news in the recent months. I still manage a 65% growth in dividend vs. same month last quarter ($107.67 vs $163.3). This is the actual take-home money that I could use in retirement, without having to buy and sell like mad. This is truly passive income – do nothing and money keep flowing in, and dividends keep on raising.

The profile also increase from 2 companies to 8 companies that would diversify and decrease the risk. I’m looking to add more each month as strategy is working so far.

Date Activity Quantity Symbol/Description Price Net Amount
05/26/15 Dividend BMO – BANK MONTREAL QUEBEC 052615 12 $7.72
05/22/15 Dividend C – CITIGROUP INC NEW 052215 100 $5.00
05/21/15 Dividend COF – CAPITAL ONE FINANCIAL CORP 052115 10 $4.00
05/20/15 Dividend CAT – CATERPILLAR INC 052015 10 $7.00
05/15/15 Dividend O – REALTY INCOME CORP REIT 051515 50 $9.48
05/01/15 Dividend T – AT & T INC 050115 30 $14.10
05/01/15 Dividend DE – DEERE & CO 050115 10 $6.00
05/01/15 Dividend VZ – VERIZON COMMUNICATIONS COM 050115 200 $110.00

Total May 2015: $163.30

2015 Dividends:

I’ll be busy with the rental turn over this weekend, so I thought I’d post my May dividend a little bit earlier. How’s your month go? Have you compare from same month from the last quarter to see how your dividend changes?

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  1. Hi Vivianne

    Solid growth qoq there.

    Any particular reason you compare it against feb? I noticed that you received dividends on a monthly basis so wouldnt it made more sense to compare it against last year may dividends you received? Juz curious 🙂

    • Company here pay every quarter.
      So, January vs April
      Feb vs may
      March vs June, etc.
      last year, I have different strategy. This year, I’m setting myself into retirement mode. Smooth out income, buy at pullback, diversify, invest often, etc.

      As last year, I receive a spurt of dividend, even though I had $300k, I would only get $3k in dividend if I didn’t sell everything. This year, I have $180k, but I’m on par to get $3k in dividend. Much more effective at income generating. In two year, this strategy would at lease cover at least a half or more of my expense, with the help my my rental business (which already cover all of my expenses), I’ll be lot more confident to walk away from the workforce forever.

      I will have choices to take lesser income doing research, IT, part time, something I truly enjoy, taking language class, etc. the option would be wide open.

  2. Very awesome dividend and excellent quarter over quarter growth. Looks like you own quite a bit of VZ. Got to love telecom dividends, everyone uses a cellphone nowadays and it’s a great business to invest in.

    • I’ve noticed the VZ cellphone customer are notorious loyal. They are super crazy about not getting signal if they moved to Sprint, Tmobile or ATT. Take Mr. WRI as an example, we live in the metropolitan area, we hike in the mountain sometimes, but we’ve always taken the safest trails. He however thinks Verizon is super reliable, and therefore would spend $1500 for its service. Tsk! tsk!

  3. Ha ha ha….I am just like Mr. WRI w.r.t Verizon coverage…now you have one more proof point for your investment in Verizon….maybe I should buy some Verizon as well 🙂

    Great dividend growth story here and an excellent illustration of passive income. If you are interested in some related strategies, please take a peek at the following link…a bookmark from last year when I initially evaluated individual stock investing.

    Hope it is useful.

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