April Dividend +5.2%


It’s time to report dividend income again, it’s been a crazy selling month for me, I’m happy that at least I was selling in he up market. I’ll pay for it later when I do my taxes next year.

To my surprise, April is still breaking record of quarter-over-quarter, I guess, the full effect of dividend decline of raiding $58k from the portfolio and saving won’t be in full effect until May. Without any further delay, here goes:

04/29/16 Interest BANK DEPOSIT SWEEP $0.08

04/29/16 Dividend JPM – JPMORGAN CHASE & CO $8.80


04/15/16 Dividend FCPT – FOUR CORNERS PROPERTY TR INC $0.97

04/15/16 Dividend STWD – STARWOOD PROPERTY TR INC $9.60

04/15/16 Dividend WPC – W P CAREY INC $9.74

04/13/16 Dividend FOXA – TWENTY-FIRST CENTY CL A $4.50

04/12/16 Dividend DEO – DIAGEO PLC SPONSORED ADR NEW $19.05

04/04/16 Dividend WMT – WAL-MART STORES INC $75.00

04/01/16 Dividend BAX – BAXTER INTERNATIONAL INC 1.16

Total: 141.29$

I’ve been so busy lately still doing my fulltime job, managing turn over, volunteer 10 hours a week, still cooking every meals. Blogging is is my least priority at the moment, but I just want to drop a line. I know some bloggers are keeping track of dividend among the blogger sphere so I do want to put my stats out there to continue to motivate my own self and hopefully to inspire a soul or two.

My laptop is officially dead. So, I’m in the process of buying a new laptop. I traded my citi thank you point for $575 of Best Buy gift card. I could get a new laptop and some, but the specs are not much improve from my old computer. I bought mine in 2008. 4GB ram, 500gb hard drive. Today, I get the same specs for $300 (7 years ago, it was $380), and Apple selling MacBook Air 4gb, 125GB for $999? What the heck? 7 years of tech revolution and Apple has gone backward. What a huge disappointment!

Needless to say that I don’t enjoy shopping. I mostly enjoy “window shopping” – shopping on Microsoft window, add everything into the virtue cart and back out. Now that my computer died, I need a personal computer to do my book, and some programming, but I’d like it to last. I’ll see how this shopping saga will get me a good deal. 🙂

How many faces do you see in this picture?



  1. I think you can schedule some of the things of, given your hectic schedule and many goals to achieve. There is always a time to go back should you need to, including blogging and hitting various goals such as dividend income or rental income.

    • Hihi, you’re absolutely right! I manage time pretty well, avoiding making multiple trips. I try to go after Sunday lunch with mr after church and temple. Or on my way back home from work, I’ll stop by to do a quick showing. On my way to soccer practice, which is 3 mins away from my rental, I’d do a showing. All I need is to leave home 15 minute earlier.

      I’ve found the replacement for one of my opening. Now I only have 1-room to rent. This shouldn’t take too long, there will always be someone unable to find a roommate, so I can match them up. Renting 1 room at a time takes more work, but then I can earn 30% more. I treat that like a side hustle. 🙂 it’s all good.

  2. Some nice names paying you in April. Like seeing DEO in many long term dividend portfolios. Forget an AAPL laptop. Buy a used PC on eBay put on Linux and enjoy it for a fraction of the cost for years to come. Thanks for sharing your passive income results.

    • Sharp eyes. Mr. W could only see 8 :).

      Thank you for visiting and commenting. It’s been a great run. I learnt a lot along the way. Passive income is the greatest discovery :).

  3. Congrats on the great month Vivianne! I’m sorry to hear about your laptop. But I must say, you got some pretty impressive mileage out of your old machine. You bought it in 2008 and it made it 8 years to 2016?? I bought my Asus in 2012 and am praying I can get another 6 months out of it before I throw it against a wall.

    By the way, your schedule is very impressive right now. Kudos for you form managing everything that is going on and finding time to do what is important to you with volunteering and cooking. It will all settle down soon enough (hopefully). Hang in there!


    • I’ve made some changes. I would cook once a day for the next 3 meals. It’s spring time so it get easier when I can just go out to my garden and pick up some veggies to make wraps.

      Having a functional computer will be a great help. I need to do some video editing for the wedding.

      Refinishing my rental has started. Estimation $10-25k. The location is great, I finally get a blessing from my brother, after some scolding from him. 🙂 he was saying nobody in our town, walk or exercise, but when he comes to this neighborhood he sees runners, bikers, children playing at the park.

      The yards on my park front strip look immaculate so he got his lawnmover and moved my yard. 🙂

      It will be hectic the next couple of months as I have to spend money to finish the rental.

    • I love your Gourmet cooking at home page! I’ll sure visit often to look for inspiration.

      I love Korean food, I hope your wife can get some recipe from your Mom so she can simplify it to our Western cooking way. That way I can enjoy it too!

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