Free Rental Property Forms

I’ll post my collection of forms that I’ve used for my rental property. Please use it discretely, and it is your own responsibility to modify them to fit your situation.

Criteria for finding tenants  Tenant Criteria

Moving Out Letter (Credit from No Nonsense Landlord), when tenants move out, this checklist can help them clean out as much as possible, so they can don’t get mad when you don’t return the money to them when they totally trash the property. MoveOutLetter-Generic

An example of a contract Real-Estate-Lease-Blog

An example of Refund DepositRefund-Blog

An Example of Holding Fee/Commitment Letter Fee/Deposit ReceiptForHoldingFee-Blog

An Spreadsheet on how to keep track of Income/Expense for Rental Property Rental-Income-Expenses-Template (1)

Rental Agreement and Lease _ Renewal – If your tenants decide to renew the lease. Here is a sample of what I use.

Happy Landlording!

Please share if you have other good forms.

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