June Dividend


Wow, I can’t believe half a year has just gone by. This coming month, I’ll continue my super busy schedule, having to “pick up an unwanted 4th job” – jury duty. As a citizen, I pay taxes, electricity, water, phone, gas, sewage, dmv, and etc. all of the public records would increase my odd of getting selected to serve on jury duty. You bet multiple properties, that odd increases triple for me. I’ve been selected 4 times. dividend

Mr. WRI and I are also planning for our extended road trip. Hopefully, everything will go as intended. I’m thrilled the court excuses me for the vacation time. Woot woot!

With that said, after selling my position on COP and BP, I thought my dividend for June would be greatly affected, however, it’s only $130 lower than March. Therefore, I’m happy to see it crushes the $1500 mark, which everything at the status quo, I won’t have any problem getting $3000 by the end of the year.

In March, I got paid from 4 companies, in June I got paid from 7 companies. I am doing better at diversifying.

06/26/15 Dividend BAC – BANK OF AMERICA CORP 062615 5,677 $283.85

06/26/15 Dividend PFG – PRINCIPAL FINANCIAL GROUP 062615 10 $3.80

06/22/15 Dividend D – DOMINION RES INC VA NEW 062015 100 $64.75

06/15/15 Dividend O – REALTY INCOME CORP REIT 061515 50 $9.48

06/02/15 Dividend V – VISA INC CLASS A 060215 60 $7.20

06/01/15 Dividend WMT – WAL-MART STORES INC 060115 20 $9.80

06/01/15 Dividend WFC – WELLS FARGO COMPANY 060115 530 $198.75

Total:     $577.63

2015 Dividends: 

Jan 0

Feb 107.67

Mar 658.55

Apr 38.44

May 163.3

Jun 577.63

2015 total: $1545.59

$3000 might seem little to some, but if I move to a Southeast Asia country, I could buy a moderate life with this. Even in America, if I continue to carry the same lifestyle, $300/month would represent 1/3 of expenses.

Some people might have wonder how will I reach financial freedom when I only have 1/3 of expenses cover by dividend income? Well, the good news is, my 4-plex has produced enough income to cover mortgage and expenses. Any amount I make on dividend income is extra money to spend or to reinvest. I expect my expenses will go up as I age or decide to have a child. That’s why I’m going to continue to build my multiple stream of incomes.

Getting paid from 30 companies is better than getting paid by 1 company and you have to work to get paid. Versus dividend income, you don’t have to lift a finger. The rich people have done it since the invention of capitalism, they know to diversity their income sources. Why not us?


  1. Great job!! I like the trickle effect and the way dividends slowly add up!! Btw, I bet you can totally live off of this month’s dividend alone for about 2 months in a Southeast Asian country!!

    • Yeah. That’s why I’d like to build up a good size of dividend income and passive income stream that can afford the lifestyle in the US. I’m also toying with the idea of living outside of the US, and continue to have the snowballing effect while living in retirement. A few years later, that dividend income will be a lot bigger for cushion. No one want to run out of money in retirement.

      If I decide to take up learning another language, consider living in that country would be the most effective way to learn a language 🙂

  2. Viv,

    Whoa. 7 companies, $578 in div income and over $1.5K for the year already? Interesting, you could have a nice lifestyle with what you currently have and then some. Puts it all in perspective. Congratulations!


    • Thank you for your kind words. Bert and you are very effective at dividend investing. Your yields are to be admired. 🙂

      I’d like the pay out closer to 4%, as of now it’s only a little over 2% payout. But I also need to remember chasing yield is also a double edge sword, I don’t want a high payout ratio eithe, it’s better to have company payout ratio lower than 50% of earning.

  3. Hi Vivianne

    You have so much pipeline on the go that dividend income is merely a source of your passive income there. Great job there and while they do seem little to some, they actually do wonders to how your life has evolved these while.

    • Not too long ago I feel trapped at my job, thinking I’ll have to work for life even though I was living at the college student’s lifestyle. Then I read about early retirement, one person I know had a 4-plex, and also use dividend income, and a bunch of side job, as they hustled themselves into retirement. Then it hit me, I could create that multiple stream of income too! A year later, here I am, able to set the clock for 1 year and 8 months to that date that I can call it quit.

  4. That’s a healthy amount for a June dividend total. I see we have some names in common for the month. As you stated, looks like $3k for 2015 is well within your sights. Keep adding to those high quality dividend names. Thanks for this awesome update.

    • Thanks for the words of encouragement! Yes, at this pace, without another single penny invested, I’ll be able to meet/exceed my $3k goal. Which is very cool come to think of it. You’ve done very well for yourself and the baby DivHut has an early start.

  5. Rental income and Dividend income? Your portfolio is truly becoming well rounded!! Congrats! My portfolio is leaning heavily on interest from cash and more so on dividends from bonds and stocks. I tried to balance it out with rental income but could not…hence I know how difficult it is to achieve that balance and that too at such an early age! Kudos.

    >> Any amount I make on dividend income is extra money to spend or to reinvest.
    One thought occurs to me on this. Since you are reliant on income to spend, I would try and make the portfolio geographically diversified also. I.e. pull in some dividend stocks from Europe which offer **qualified** dividends.

    In my portfolio, since I rely on mutual funds, I use VTMGX to provide me an international dividend income stream. Since you are an individual stock investor, you may want to peek into the holdings in VTMGX and see if any stocks meet your criterion.

    Hope that helps!

    • Thank you for your compliment. I’m sure my portfolio is far from being well rounded. I have many things to work on this year and this coming year.
      On my 401k, I invest in a fund called FIEUX that fidelity offers. Some of the biggest holding includes VW, DEO, etc. I have some cash in 401k, I’ll know which direction to go after the Greek decision on bailout. But no double the euro market is pretty attractive right now. I see you are taking advantage of it also.

      I bought a European stock before that pays dividend, my bank also withholding the dividend payout. So, I think same goes with Canadian stocks, so for now, I’m going easy on European companies on my taxable account for simplicity.

  6. Excellent progress you’ve made so far in 2015. Over $550 in dividend income in June is awesome. Congrats and keep up the great work.

    • Your website was one of the first few websites that inspired me to document my own journey. I guess after seeing so many that can do individual stock investing successfully has convinced/inspiring me. I’m no longer chasing for the impossible 10 bagger so something arbitrary pharmaceutical stocks that could go belly up the next day. 🙂

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