March dividends


11450173466dfef94afc1zIt’s that time of the month where I can count my lazy income, no work, great compensation. This is my favorite income stream source. It is the low taxes, not breaking a sweat, just own a piece of business, and get a small profit. Sign me up! Right? This is something everybody can do.

This is a solid month for me so far this year. I think the number is bigger for every dividend investor in March, June, September, and December. I guess that’s how the accounting cycle goes. Most companies don’t like to pay in January regardless when they close their book. January is for planning and budgeting. So March is very exciting for everyone in the blogging community.

Account Activity Result
Date Activity Quantity Symbol/Description Price Net Amount
03/27/15 Dividend   BP – BP PLC SPONS ADR 032715 100   $60.00
03/27/15 Dividend   BAC – BANK OF AMERICA CORP 032715 5,341   $267.05
03/19/15 Stock Distrib 45 V – VISA INC CLASS A .RT   $0.00
03/03/15 Dividend   COP – CONOCOPHILLIPS 030215 200   $146.00
03/02/15 Dividend   WFC – WELLS FARGO COMPANY 030115 530   $185.50

March dividend: $658.55

Feb 2015: $107.67 

Jan 2015: $0

Year-to-date dividends: $766.22

If I were to graph this, it should look explosive, unfortunately, the dividend cycle will bring this down.

I took a position in visa before the stock split, so it showed I had additional stocks.

That’s kind of cool to see. In case somebody wants to see what it looks like when a stock split.

How’s your dividend month?


  1. >> time….where I can count my lazy income, no work, great compensation.

    Music to my ears 🙂 Month ends have a new meaning for me now!

    March has been kind to me as well. I plotted a cumulative gain for the year…gain includes both capital gains and dividend gains…in my Vanguard portfolio and I see that without the dividend gains for the year, my portfolio barely breaks even…with the gains, there is a nice gap of a percent plus. So, dividend gains help me sleep better as well!

    • Yes, with dividend gain, you pay less taxes, get to capitalize the profit at each payout. It is definitely a better strategy than just focus on selling growth stock alone.
      Thank you for commenting. Please do share your dividend income. Cheers!

    • My goal for this is is reaching $3000. As last year I was falling short. I want to make SMART goal, reachable, attainable, realistic goal. My three month average is still ~$300/month. Just on track to $3k. Thanks for commenting.

      March should be great for you, too.

  2. Very nice! I agree with you about January being for planning and budgeting with March being the month where you begin to reap rewards. Though with moving expenses last month, I’m anxious to see the rewards of April on my end.

  3. Hi Vivianne

    Fantastic income there for March!!!

    It’s good to know that you are mostly getting covered for the 4 big quarters in a year where you can be getting more passive income.

    Keep the great work up and looking for more updates from you.

  4. Vivianne,

    Excellent income! What a great month March has been for you. It seems like you’ll be able to make your goal this year with a little bit of luck.

    Looking forward to read how you progress, keep it up!

    Happy Easter,

    • Thank you for commenting. I indeed get a very good Easter. We went out to eat. Played tennis. We met this young couple, he’s a general manager for several of Jimmy John around town. He also get to own a bit in each store that he’s managing. I also want to invest, but coming up with $500K, or a portion of $25K and looking to start making the profit steady at 5 years is difficult.

      While the couple was very nice, we were happy to beat them 7-5, and tie 4-4 :P.

  5. That’s a mega amount of money to get in one month. We are not long into our journey of putting some money into dividend stocks again, so hopefully we will be able to ramp up the investments and start breaking the £100/month mark.


  6. Wow! Very nice dividend gains. I think there is still a lot of potential in the season to buy energy stocks like COP, XOM, CVX that will increase in value and payout good divs. I see you have BP, which is an excellent stock to attain divs from. Can’t wait to continue to see your success!


    • Although I do like the nice dividend percentage, but a lot of investors out there are “losing money” jumping on the band wagon. I sold my position in COP, XOM, and BP. Took the profit, dividend, and moved on 😛 I followed Buffet lead, the could be a down trend on oil as supplies continue to rise. If it’s continue to be low, companies have too much debts to sustain the dividends.

  7. Vivianne,

    Over $600 in one month is absolutely amazing!!!! That much money by itself must cover a large portion of your monthly bills already! Looking forward to your continued success.


    • If I remain my current lifestyle, $900 would cover 1/3-1/2 of my living expense 🙂 I believe I can retire in countries like – Thailand, Vietnam, Costa Rica? Perhaps 😛

  8. Thanks for sharing your recent income update with us. You had a pretty nice month for passive income. Congrats on that. Happy to see WFC in common with your portfolio and mine. Keep up the good work.

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