Trying Out the Livestyle of a Livestreamer


πŸ™‚ Funny enough, this 37 yo lady is going toward video game. But 6pm Eastern time, I’d sit there in front of my gorilla computer and typing the post entitle “Good morning!” πŸ™‚ That is to my Asian fans. πŸ™‚

My highest viewers viewing at the same time is 55 people. That’s pretty good for a starting out livestreamer, but it’s definitely not good enough to make a living at it.

How I adapt?

So basically, youtube is pretty much dead if Asia pacific, most people communicate through facebook. I quickly learnt after only getting 200 sub on my youtube channel after pushing so hard to get subs.

I also realize people only like facebook, so I started streaming on my “personal” facebook page. Then I realized it was too invasive. I took me a month to correct that fact by creating a brand new facebook profile.

After that, I realized facebook allows users to create a page, and enrolled in a so-called youtube or Twitch alternative, Level Up Program. It basically give your audience a chance to give you “Stars” 1 star = 0.01$.

It took me another 2 months to realized I could convert my facebook into a FaceBook Page. After 10,000 followers I could get embed advertisement on my videos. That’s when the extra money can coming.

The down fall to facebook monitization:

  1. 1 profile can only get 5,000 friends, I converted at 2K friends πŸ™‚ so I’m stuck at 2K followers. haha πŸ™‚
  2. People aren’t generous, it’s difficult to have viewer retention, say, they only watch the game that I was about to win. Maybe I’m not charming enough to keep them around.
  3. 10,000 followers is almost impossible to get, just like getting 1K subs on youtube. Super hard. but I think I could still get there someday.
  4. Very few people can make money off of facebook right now
  5. It’s totally new, facebook announced it in January, they rolled out of July. It’s now December, and I’ve just heard of it. It took weeks and days just to get enrolled in the level up program
  6. Sharing a lot = spam sharing and facebook automatically ban you from groups for a few days. I wasn’t even spam sharing. It was convenience to do it on the phone, the groups line up and I was just click on share to each group. Sad!
  7. Tournament is a flop because most people don’t want to sign up for tournament, and certainly not pay to play. They just want the free money, and right now I don’t make money from stream to give it back to the communities of follower

The positives:

  1. I think I’m getting a hang of it, working out all the kinks of frozen camera, blurry streams, bring the followers, sharer, and viewers to the camera. It’s difficult and I really had to work on my EQ. I had to practice playing and bring people to the camera, keep track of what they do, and ask about their day, and such. It’s hard job. haha
  2. I think I figure out a way to get to 10,000 followers
  3. Switching from creating Tournament to Reporting Tournaments. Also, giving out instructions on how to do challenges would give me this opportunity to interact with fans
  4. We’ve been trying to make a baby, and had to resort to IVF. It was painful to give myself shots. So, Fortnite was the perfect escape. I’d play and to get my adrenal going and the shots was less painful. πŸ™‚

The road to become wildly popular stream gamer is long, that is for sure, but for now I do have a lot of fun. Whenever I open up my Lobby, there were already people lining up to play with me. I guess, they’d like to be on the channel or something, it’s sort of cool to have people trying so badly to play with me who is so bad at the game. hahah

Now investment front:

Well, I think banks are relatively in fair value again

BAC – PE 10

JPM – PE 12

WFC – PE 10

GS – PE 10 (GS is stagnant so in 2009 the price went down to $80, now it’s $160 vs BAC went down to $4, when up to $23

WFC from $17 to $43

JPM – $30 to now $110

The reason I said fairly value because, BAC earning in 2016 – $19-20B, now it’s still $22B, there is no increase in earnings, they cut many many BAC branches, cut many many jobs, shut down many many mortgages offices and call centers to reduce the cost to make it look like they make money. During this time BAC went from $6 to $33 now back down to $23. This is a highly volitle stocks. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve made tons of money off of it. But still a little regret not keeping them πŸ™‚ so it’s good to see the price has came down so I can make some purchases.



  1. Our Current Government is shut down. Really, I think it’s an overblown by the market, because it’s the holidays anyways, so the Federal workers are on leaves anyways, this is nothing!! People want to sell to either take a profit or clock in the loses. I don’t have much in the market to clock in anything.
  2. Remember Brexit? Well, it’s back. The Eurpean are at it again, English wants the free trade but keep the immigrants and closes its border. European wants the English to help out with overburdened of finance from Spain, Italia, and other EU country amongst the immigration problems. It’s a no win situation. It might be good to come back into the EU stock market after they work out the kinks.
  3. With Cramer start calling Gold as a buy! Yikes!! hahaha… It’s going to be wild in 2019. For sure, it’ll be a better year for me.

On property front:

I have several issues with repairs, and evictions. There was one apartment that I should have sued them immediately to get possession back with in 5 days of not receiving rent, but the girl guilted me, so I drag, 5 months later, they’re out with an eviction. Yikes for me!! That’s $5K in loses of revenues.

So, lesson learnt, I quickly evicted 1 guy out, and people started taking things seriously after getting sued. So, I’m learning the system.

The court event was easy enough, just show up, tell the judge I wanted my property back. Done! They’re out with an eviction on their record.




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  1. Hi Vivianne,
    long term reader here. Interesting to read you’re getting into game streaming. It sounds like a real hard job and you earn nearly nothing. May I ask, what is your motivation behind it? Summing all invested time and money (gaming rig), wouldn’t it be smarter to invest into another, more lucrative, “hobby”?
    Cheers, DivRider

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