July Dividend


As mention in the previous posts, if I leave my account the same, I’m on track to meet my dividend goal of at least $3000 this year. However, I am still making bids on some fixer upper hoping to boost my semi-passive income. As the return on investment property is 20% at the very least compare to 2% that I currently earn with my dividend investment account.

Property investment is semi-active vs. dividend investment is 99.99% passive. I only make a few clicks to buy. Dividend investing by far my favorite method to gain passive income.

I got paid from 7 different companies compare to just 3 companies in April, and 0 in January. Doudividendbling the companies and income quarter over quarter is not to shabby. In fact, I feel confident that these companies will be able to afford the payouts for many more years to come.

Noted in June, I timed it so that I bought a bunch of REITs when there was 1. massive sell off due to rumor of  interest rate increase. 2. I bought them right before the ex-dividend date to stay consistent with my strategy to buy before the ex-dividend date to riff the dividend payout.

Notice, these payouts are not very high at all, less than $10 each companies. However, imagine I have 100 of these companies, ahhhhhhh, that number will shoot up from $60 to $600 in no time. Dividend investing is also require patience and persistent.

7/27/2015 Dividend GE – GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY 072715 50 $11.50
7/15/2015 Dividend BXMT – BLACKSTONE MORTGAGE TRUST INC 071515 20 $10.40
7/15/2015 Dividend O – REALTY INCOME CORP REIT 071515 50 $9.50
7/15/2015 Dividend STWD – STARWOOD PROPERTY TR INC 071515 20 $9.60
7/15/2015 Dividend WPC – W P CAREY INC 071515 10 $9.54
7/1/2015 Dividend BAX – BAXTER INTERNATIONAL INC 070115 10 $5.20
7/31/2015 Dividend  JPM – JP Morgan and. Chase 10 $4.40

2015 Dividends:

Total: $1601.33


    • Indeed TGIF (weekend now), after all that traveling from CO, I was exhausted coming straight back to work. and dealing with HVAC issues :). However, summer weekends are equally as busy … Mr and I both have social events that we were both invited. We went and play 3 matches of ping pong, 2 sets of volleyball 🙂 It’s been a fun relaxing weekend. I wish you and your partner have a same!

  1. >> As the return on investment property is 20% at the very least compare to 2%
    >> that I currently earn with my dividend investment account.

    20% vs 2%? Jeez…you are making me envious 🙂 Awesome dividends…looks like you will easily exceed $3000 per year in dividends easily. Best of luck!

    • investment property is a lot hard work. If you read some of my rants about tenant issues, upkeep and showings… lot of showings. So it’s definitely a 2nd job. I’m sure if I put my hour in, that 20% would come down to a lot less :). compare to a pure passive income with dividend investing. There will also an upper fixer out there that you can buy, fix up, and rent up. 🙂 You can see why many guru like MMM, Dividend Mantra, even Financial Samurai are investing either index fund, pure stocks, or a mixtures of passive incomes- CD, investment property, dividend, royalties, etc 😉

  2. WRI,

    Great month and it’s phenomenal to see the portfolio grow. Projected to earn > $3000 is phenomenal, especially as you start out. I’m about to bridge over $6K and the feeing is phenomenal. Think about it… you were at $0 in January and now have earned over $1.6K, congratulations and keep the train moving!


    • Lanny,
      Thanks for commenting. Your portfolio is 25% less than what I have and you’re on track to earn $6K this year. This is phenomenon! 🙂

      The snowballing effect is great, given I don’t have to clock in and clock out for this salary 🙂

  3. Hi Vivianne

    It’s interesting to compare between the semi-passive versus almost the full passive activities of buying dividend stocks versus a property. I did the former while my parents did the latter, both sustain their respective advantages and to a certain extent we capitulate on our competitive advantages to make the best use of our judgement.

    Both are doing well at the moment. So I guess the roads to Rome are aplenty 🙂

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