A Look Back at 2018


**Well, I set my #1 goal was to pay off my student loan. I have the fund. I’m still waiting for my credit approval to to make a 1 time payment on the credit card to maximize the point.

*** 2018 is particularly tough,  I had to make 2 lawsuits to get people out of my apt, and it’s the first time in many years that I’d have vacancies, it’s the reality in rental property.

*** I had 2 surgeries that required me to be under anesthesia. For someone who has never broke a bone, hospitalized for majorly sick since birth, the surgeries was tough on my. I was super anxious so I lean to … Fortnite

*** I started a youtube channel (that didn’t work), I started a facebook (I got 7.5K views on 1 video and average 1.5K/video)… made … $8.75 on facebook stars hahha 🙂

*** I “lost” money in the stock market in 2018, I guess, so did everyone else, however, my acct grew 10% 🙂 on IRA, 401k, etc.

*** Baby making business is prevent to be a tough one. I had the 2 surgeries, now we have the embryos to work with, hopefully we’ll be able to have all the children 🙂


My goal for 2019:

  • Make a baby
  • If possible turns some of the housing assets into stock holding asset = less work on me. I’ll probably goes with index funds for simplicity.
  • Keep vacancies to the minimum
  • Grow facebook channel to >10,000 followers. Collect the first $100 for the first time.
  • Keep exercising for easy labor


  1. Hooray on the loan payoff (almost) and wishing you well on the goals. I believe, when successful, you’ll find starting a family to be the most rewarding of your goals!

  2. Hey WRI, super best wishes on the baby front. Try to reduce stress as much as possible and see the magic happen!! Good things happen to good people. I am sure you are going to hear good news. Have a wonderful 2019!

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