Watch And Buy as China has back track 150 pages of agreements


I’m not surprised though. After seeing their stock market unfazed by the tariff and the ver WEAK and GREEDY Trumps family, they know a formular to defeat him, just give him a couple of billions and take a few trillions from the Americans.

In the meanwhile, I feel like it’s unbearable at landlording, the cost of mats has double or triple at the first round of threats, then even after the US and China called truce, the prices never went back down. Ouch!

It’s not the most painful thing, why the White House doesn’t have a whole list of things they’re taxing? While the China know about 100-200 items that hurts Trump’s base for re-election? Why I am the only person who don’t trút China  from the beginning and a whole lot of people in the White House are unprepared for this?

Ok, anyhow, if the stock swings a couple thousands points I should dump some cash into the market. Since we don’t have much cushion in the interest rates, banks are at risks because the rate might go back to zero or negative, yikes!

I’m contemplating from the list that stocks might be affected by the tariffs- they put up 30 companies, I’m looking at the 500 companies 🙂

I’ll provide the list, the link when I get to a computer.

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  1. Be interested in your list of 500. Not only tariffs but now you have to look at the Huawei retaliation as well. On banks, they’re good at playing the spread – I keep an eye on the consumer loan delinquencies (credit card, auto) and the tightening standards as a barometer.

    Have you considered incorporating as a REIT?

    Perhaps it’s time to introduce Junior to Pokemon Go. He might enjoy the gaming along with the walks!

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