Bank Stocks are Crashing …


Hi everyone!

Phew! The First Trimester is over now, I got my mojo back hhaha… I feel like I can run 10 miles. 🙂 (not really, but I feel almost 100% now, the body adaptive feature is amazing!!) Baby is doing well, communicating with Daddy what he wants to eat. Daddy loves his baby. 🙂 You’ve guessed it, I’m milking the pregnancy with Mr.W.

Back to Bank Stocks … no back to lowering the interest rate. It’s gone down. Yikes! … for bank stock. Bank stocks has gone nicely, I remember BAC as $5/share 2013, now it’s $30… 6x the run is pretty good. Performing better than the S&P 500 during that period.

What I think the trend would be? Given the economy doing “well” with the job market is so tight. I can’t find cheap labor. The rest of the stock market will sig-zaw, roller coaster, but bank stock will be affected double with lowering the interest to counteract the China trade deal/tariff retaliations.

For that my entry point to

  • BAC: $23 (the most traded stock in the pack, high beta) …,
  • WFC $39 (most hated stock by the Democrats),
  • JPM $85 (this stock probably don’t go down that much),
  • GS: $165 (this stock is probably don’t go down that much, but people like to dumb this low beta stock for BAC in volatile time to make quick buck

I don’t cover CitiBank, but my guess in the low 40s for C.

All of these stocks have done quite nicely, so they have a lot of room to run up and down.

There is no deal in trading with China, they’ve figured they own the world production on ALL electric equipment, why back down when there stock market has increase 15% over the past year?

Taking away 10-20% of the wealth from the richest people in China due to stock going down and stuff means nothing to their lifestyles therefore they can just ride the US, and relying on their population increase to increase their growth in economy. Yikes. for the US.


It’s not just the China, the European is still very much “Viva La Pen!” vs Liberal. The Brexit can’t go through but with the voting it’s still going toward Brexit direction.

All of this is chaos … which transform to volatile market.

Either way, it won’t change my plan of buying the S&P every month through 401K. I’m just 20% short of hitting the $500K mark my 401K portfolio.


Landlording wise,

my taxes has been increased to double from 3K/year to $7.5K/year (The city employee got 33% raise!! Yikes)

I’m replacing the roof on my commercial building

I’m replacing 3 HVAC units on my personal home.

I’m replacing the floor for my apt in the commercial building.

I do feel better in the Second Trimester so I’m taking advantage of this before the baby come. I’m not touching any of the chemical or doing the stuff myself, I leverage my labor with more cash I guess.

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