Report Earnings on Fortnite and Why I’m exiting


First, It’s been super fun in the last year, just playing fortnite, build a beast computer, building a fan base, and earn some money for it.

I have ~8000 subs amongst my channels.

I earned $40 from Facebook

$400 from Fortnite support a creator program

but I’m back in out, here is why: I’m pregnant. 🙂 hahah…

I have to quit because when I’m 6 weeks pregnant, the baby says he doesn’t like Fortnite. I get dizzy when I talk about Fortnite, that’s why it takes so long for me to write this post. Just the mere mention of Fortnite would make my stomache churning.

I like Fortnite a lot, I play 2-6hours a day sometimes, I even make it to the Fortnite World cup qualifying round to play every weekend for prize up to $10K, but baby says he doesn’t like it, so I can’t even turn on my Beast Computer without feeling dizzy, I can do other things like reading on the ipad, work on my computer at work, but just not my BEAST computer. oh well..

I can’t blame baby though, because playing Solo means there are 99 other people out there could shoot me, snipe me, and hurt me hahah… who would want to go through that? Certainly, not baby! I have to give him some credit though, he hasn’t caused any vomit. My first trimester is going very good so far. I listen to my body, I chew my food 20 times before swallowing, I walk when I feel well, I drink warm or hot water, no caffeinated product, I sleep minimum 8 hours/day.

Baby doesn’t like raw meat smell, so I eat out DAILY (this is unheard of, but it’s happening). I can’t cook, I get grossed out touching raw meat. We’re in good financial position right now, it’s probably for only a few months, I eat what I crave, so it’s all good. I guess, that’s the reason I don’t get sick – sleep and eat hygiene or just plain pure lucky!?!! but either way, I’m thankful for having such a good first trimester. I hope this would keep going to be better.

That ends my career as a  “fortnite star” I guess, but I feel lucky, and happy!!


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