Things Has Finally Calmed Down … Some


Well, I haven’t post anything for over 2 months. Because many things happened at the same time, something got to give, blogging!

Basically, my tenants back in the Mid West, acted up, didn’t pay rent for a solid 3 months. I’ll have to dig out the pictures, but basically, finally they left. Praise the Lord! But not without a huge mess. Tanants from hell #1??? Hellish tenant?? I don’t know what to call them, but here were their doings:

  • They must have running a bird/rat … some sort of rodent business, because all the carpet upstairs were filled with bird/dog/rat/cat food. Regardless, that they’ve signed the statement for no pet!!
  • They left trash that were up to the ceiling including broken cages.
  • 200 rats were running around the house … Pests control guy???!!
  • Roof leak but they refused to let us in to access the damage for solid 2 months.
  • Dog rat/cat/bird food and poop were in the refrigerator … What the … ???

Anyhow, it was over. $3,000 in damage and with the help of my family, we got that taken care of. Plus newer roof, brand new flooring, etc.


Tenants from hell #2:

So, basically, the people that were previously renting, they’ve moved out, and they sublet it to these 2 girls, and they found 2 more guys to room with. Immediately, there were problems:

  • The one girl took in a 120 pounds dog without my prior approval. She also were supposed to be responsible for turning utilities on, but didn’t they were free loading the utilities until the city caught them and cut off the water. Which lead to the other girl to move out. Which she sublet-ed to another guy who smoke marijuana like crazy, plus inviting his friends over to have marijuana party. ***This is nightmarish** Because he signed the no smoking, no drug dealing,… drug free-crime free affidavit.
  • The 2 guys, immediately after they’ve moved in, I’ve received noise complaint. He’d play rap music in the middle of the night.

Anyhow, I’m still in the process of kicking them out, but in the meanwhile, her dog has destroyed 2 window screens on the 2nd floor. The floor is largely damaged. Basically, they have no remorse on their actions.

**So far I’ve spent over $500 to fix the on-going issues that were caused by them.



Well, there are a bunch of other issues… but it was a crazy 3 months. However, I’m thankful for the people that were helping me out. And I was able to squeeze in a vacation to DC-Baltimore. Biking over 100 miles around DC National Mall. I highly recommend biking if you’re planning on seeing everything.

We also bike the BWI – the Trail around the Baltimore airport. Baltimore to Annapolis – Awesome trail also.


I’ve been monitoring the situation in Puerto Rico only 65% of electricity is back to the Island. No major sales in housing or anything, so I haven’t been able to find an apartment/house/property that I’d like to make a purchase.

So, we’ve decided to go back to St. John, USVI this year again, as my husband has really fond memory of the island. The island got hit hard with the hurricane, but it’s small enough, even if we hike 1 miles to the beach, we can still snorkel right off the beach. I’m planning on bring 2 suitcase of water and snacks. So, we’ll be okay.

The best part, it’ll cost <$1500 for the trip including airfare, room and board.


Recent buys- TEVA, GE, GIS

The stock market has done very well, my 401K has grew $200K over the last 2 years. It grew more than what I put in, that’s for sure.

Every time something bothers me, I always have to remind me to be thankful that I’m a lot more fortunate than a lot of people. And move on! And that’s what I’ve been trying to do in the last three months, I was hoping for things to calm down. And it finally has calmed down … some.







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