A Military Coup is Going to Happen in At Any Minutes in Barcelona, Spain


The Barcelonian can call themselves the Catalans, but when it comes to separate from Spain, they are super selfish. If they succeed, this will cause many instability around the world. For that, I think the Spain government will call in the military and a coup will happen at any minutes now to take over Barcelona before they fully form the government. The president of Barcelona has announced that they will declare independence within the matter of “days”.

Background: Follow the Money

Catalonia accounts for nearly a fifth of Spain’s economy, and leads all regions in producing 25% of the country’s exports.

It contributes much more in taxes (21% of the country’s total) than it gets back from the government.

Independence supporters have seized on the imbalance, arguing that stopping transfers to Madrid would turn Catalonia’s budget deficit into a surplus.


Kathleen Brooks, the research director at City Index, said a referendum win for the separatists could cause the euro to decline by as much as 5%.


There were many coups before in Barcelona, so if the government is acting “weak” and indecisive, Barcelona will become a country. And I might be a better politician then they are. Yikes!

I’ll update as the story develop…

There you have it: 58 second ago:

Spain sends in ARMY to Catalonia as it pushes region to brink over referendum


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