May Dividend


After making a bid in a rental property on online auction Another Rental in the Work? I had to sell off stocks Stocks I’m Selling to Pay Off Investment Property . Then I went to find out what is Inside the $56,900 Investment Property , my savings and taxable are bleeding heavily. So goes my dividend income. Nonetheless, the money that is vested, still produces passive income. There is absolutely no need to shovel snow, clean out basement, or even lifting a finger, and the money is still automatically deposit to my bank. Dividend income remains the sweetest class of investment in my book.

Here goes for May

5/27/2016 C – CITIGROUP INC NEW $5.00
5/24/2016 HCP – HCP INC $5.75
5/16/2016 KMI – KINDER MORGAN INC DEL $10.00
5/2/2016 DE – DEERE & CO $6.00
  • January: $134.54
  • February: $241.38
  • March: $878.07
  • April: $141.29
  • May: $47.75
  • Total: 1443.03
  • Down about 75% from February of this year. This really put a ding on my goal for this year, but hopefully I can make it up with rental income.



  1. Slowly, but surely. Eventually, you will have both dividend and rental income. Now is the hard work to get it to work. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing your recent dividend income with us. I see just one name in common between our portfolios for the month and I know you are busy with your new rental property. Seems like a lot of effort though I know it should pay off down the road. I did like to read, “Dividend income remains the sweetest class of investment in my book.” I agree with that sentiment a lot as it truly is a passive “hands free” income producing asset. Look forward to your next update.

  3. We suffered a drop in dividends as well from a few sales over the last 6 months but luckily it wasn’t that big of a drop. Just stay focused on getting the rental up and running and then build up your portfolio again. All the best!

  4. Hello Vivianne Trump 🙂 Congrats on another rental in the portfolio.

    I have a suggestion…along with your dividend income, how about you also list your projected and real rental income? FIRE depends on income…whether it is dividend and/or rental does not matter much….that should be a great motivator for you as well as readers!

    Happy land lording!

  5. As noted above, your will have both at one point and that will make for a nice income stream and diversification! Keep it up Vivianne.

  6. That is a decent drop, Vivianne. But a rental project is super cool and to have something brick-and-mortar is really a good idea. I’d love to own some hard assets rather than just stocks, but always tell myself how much easier it is to just collect dividends. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Another rental in the market…are you kidding me. I missed a few articles and wow haha I am loving the real estate empire that you are building over here. Kinda jealous haha Don’t sweat the dip in dividend income; you used the funds to reduce cash flow in one area but grow it in another area. Keep on growing those income streams!


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