July Dividends


07/29/2016 Dividend JPM Popup JPMORGAN CHASE & CO 073116 20 $9.6007/15/2016 Dividend BXMT Popup BLACKSTONE MORTGAGE TRUST INC 071516 20 $12.40

07/15/2016 Dividend FCPT Popup FOUR CORNERS PROPERTY TR INC 071516 4 $0.97

07/15/2016 Dividend STWD Popup STARWOOD PROPERTY TR INC 071516 20 $9.60

Total: $32.57

Dividend income was dismal this month as expected. I’ve been spending more than what I intended and budget. Nonetheless, I still manage to have close to $50k in cash setting aside for renovation, wedding planning, and market-crashing quick buys on the dips. πŸ™‚

With my out-of-town rental renovation is still on-going due to wedding planning. I have no clue going in how much work everything is involved.

Wedding is a long process in itself, but since we are of different religions and backgrounds, we decided to honor both traditions. Hence, that includes two ceremonies, two receptions. While I’m against any spendings, I couldn’t stop my family from spending $20k on the wedding. My family told me that all I had to do was … “Show up”. That wasn’t it. As I found there is no free meal… I was pressured into buying a $300 dress which I didn’t like, but the next one down is totally ugly, the next one up is $700-$1200. For a one day event, that was rediculous. But they had spent so much money on photographers and videographer, so … I felt the pressure of buying it.

The meal was $50/person. The open bar and such push the cost to $86.70 per person. That was rediculous. Granted they went for lobsters and several seafood main dish.

We invited 160 and 210 people showed up. So my family had to give up their chair and couldn’t eat anything?! Totally weird. As for the groom and I, they didn’t prepare us any food either on our table. Hihi that’s probably the last time I trust anyone saying … “Just show up”. People care about you, but knowing how to take care of you takes communication. Hah!

The MC was a prominent figure in my town, but he got so many praises. Hihi, it turns out, people who praised him didn’t speak English, so they had no idea what stuff he made up. Hihi. I have to laugh about it now, but in the middle of my wedding, he asked people to come out to … Vote! What the heck? Hihi. Mr.W had a good laugh after we talk about it.

Mr.W enjoyed the process, calling his outfit … The golden prince robe. Hihi. He enjoyed the attention or the camera crew sticking their camera out of their windows to tape him.

It was so hot that day, I got so stressed out, so we went downtown to catch some Pokemon after our power nap I between the ceremony and the reception. My family was determine that I didn’t have to lift a fingure on my wedding day, they want me to enjoy the day. Hah! The scrupture park was full of Pokemon trainers, me and my little nephew had a blast catching new Pokemon. Watching our pokedex fill up with new Pokemon seemed rewarding.

I had very small number of friends at the wedding. I was very happy to see them after so many years. I was grateful to have both of my mentors at the wedding.

Anyhow, I’m planing one here in town. It would be a lot cheaper, a lot more intimate. I’ll keep the budget at $15/person. We will invite 300 people. It will take a lot more planning. But it will be fun and we will not have alcohol at my party, as I hated drunken people trying to get too close. So far, I have a lot of support for no alcohol it will be on Sunday.

There is a big gap between the two traditional weddings, so it’s confusing to explain to people that I’m not married yet, I’m in the process… Hihi


    • Thank you. The restaurant had 20 extra meals in the back, so people just pull extra chairs and move around so only my family felt the pressure of the overcrowded. πŸ™‚ I wanted ” barbecue”, they didn’t want to be embarrassed by my casual style. The extra party crashers was due to my family casualness with “open invitation” style πŸ™‚ we found this out later. πŸ™‚

      There was another wedding in town, her family is just as well known as our. My family was happy to see a lot of people choose to attend ours instead. They partied until 12am (mr. And I maxed out at 11:10pm) after we saw their endless drinking, we were completely sober, so it was weird to be around a large number of totally wastage people.

      I told my work friend that I’m afraid people won’t have any fun without alcohol, but they said they’ve been to a many weddings that chose not to have alcohol. We’ll see how this one is going to go.

      As of now, post is still slow going as we’ve been taking roadtrip with my family on top of the wedding. I’m spent.

    • We have a joke that every time we want to crash a party, we’d walk to them and say “has someone just called me over?” Then proceed to get some food and blend in. Taking like normal, be funny, nobody will know. Hehe

      If you’re happen to be in the Eastcoast in October 2nd, please drop by, there will be plenty of food, that’s for sure. Heheh

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