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June was crazy for me as I was wearing too many hats. I had to admit many times that I was questioning my multiple income stream strategy over dividend income exclusively for total passive income. I didn’t give up, I was quietly slowed down blogging and focusing on finishing and solving all the problem that came up with my rental properties. By far, rental property income is the one income stream that allows me to retire early – it replaces the paychecks that I receive from my job. As busy as I was, the hours that I’ve put into my rental property is still way less than the 48 hours/week that I have work at my job. So, no whining there. LOL 🙂

Total Passive Income > Semi-Passive Income > Active Income

Dividend Income> Rental Property Income> Earned Income

Dividend is still ranking the sweetest on my list.

Amount Received from Dividend + Rental Property > Amount earned from job = Financial Independence (This is where I’m at right now … this might change once I get married to Mr. W, I haven’t input his numbers to see if it work).

I thought my dividend would take a huge hit after I sold >$50K in stocks to buy my property, but I was wrong, it barely dip. Then I received some good news. My highest position to date is BAC, and they’ve just increased the dividend by 50% (from 5 cents per quarter to 7.5 cents per quarter). CitiBank, JPM, GS they all raised dividend and share buyback, that means there is more room for the stock to go up in the foreseeable future, unless all hell breaks loose in UK and the rest of Europe.

Even if the share prices don’t go up, I still expect a hefty dividend increase from them. In retirement, the cash-flow is all that matter.  Which makes my day when I read the news.


Here are the numbers: 

6/29/2016 GSPopup GOLDMAN SACHS GROUP  $6.50
6/24/2016 BACPopup BANK OF AMERICA CORP $423.75
6/15/2016 CCPopup CHEMOURS CO  $0.06
6/6/2016 WMTPopup WAL-MART STORES INC $75.00
6/1/2016 FPopup FORD MOTOR COMPANY $25.95
6/1/2016 WFCPopup WELLS FARGO COMPANY  $201.40

Yup! The total dividend that I’ve received in 6 months is $2787.29, by September, I should surpass the amount that I’ve received last year. My goal this year was $6K in dividend to receive $500/mo in dividend, I’m not going to make it, however, I will crush that number once my rental unit is up and running. 😛 Cross-my fingers.

What’s about you? How was your month? What does your 1/2 year looks like?


  1. Awesome results for your dividend income with a lot of the financial stocks paying you for the month. I think most of us like dividend income because it truly is in the sweet spot of earning passive income. You will see all the little headaches that pop up with a rental unit. It can create a great source of income for you, much more than your dividends, but it does come with a price. Thanks for sharing.

  2. As Investment Hunting said, diversification is truly a risk reducer. And real estate is a tangible asset…people need a roof over their head before they need other things. So, your diversified income streams is really a good path.

    Though, your dividend income is too concentrated in the financial sector…could use some more diversification…but I am sure you have a plan for it 🙂

    June was a very good month for me as well. My international mutual fund pays out the most dividends on the month of June and this gave a boost to June’s dividends. And Brexit driving down the market was great for dollar cost averaging!!

    Have a relaxed 4th!

  3. Hey Vivianne,

    Congrats on a good month of dividends, even with all your non-dividend activities. You have a lot of your income from banks, hopefully that’s not too much in one sector 🙂


  4. Vivianne,

    Love the flow charts/equations. I agree, dividend income is the best 🙂 Looks like you had an awesome month of dividend income right there. Keep it up and keep on chugging along.


    • Share price might drop to the teen level when fear of Brexit return. I wouldn’t initiate too much 🙂 s&p hits record high, that generally follow by a draw back, good time for initiation, but not full position.

    • Actually, my capital gains from shorting some of the stocks exceeded my dividend income, which I’m not listing, because there is nothing to boast about.
      I had some interests from municipals bonds before earning interest free 4.5% (when I sold it, it was almost double, I used the money to add into my taxable account)

      I’m working on this blog, no money yet. still a work in progress.

      I make website for small businesses. I have a few clients lined up. I need to get a few photos before making them up and running. I probably upgrade my hosting plans, so I can host their websites too. One-birds, several stones..

      I’m working on a book, fictional, but until I call it off with my job, I probably don’t have time to finish. So, you might call it a job. But oh well.. LOL:)

      I used to teach at a college as a part time gig, I could go back to this.

      I could start collecting money for my soccer coaching job, but I haven’t. LOL 🙂

      Right now, it seems like 2 streams is enough to cover living expense, and traveling/entertain expenses. Nothing substantial from other streams unless I turn them into an active job. 🙂

  5. Hi, great job, thanks for writing about your adventures! Just a note about Chemours … it seems to be a company split off my the big company who’s sole purpose is to retain environmental liabilities from the Dupont/Dow merger, and which will go belly up in 2-3 years. Probably not a good long-term investment.

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