Fortnite, the next best Tech/Game to invest?


It might be a little “too late” for some of us, me included, I haven’t pulled the trigger just yet. I don’t think of myself as a gamer at all, I played Pokemon Go and TD balloon Battle casually. Needless to say I suck at Fortnite. As of this writing, I’m level 28 and I haven’t managed to make a single kill just yet. However, I enjoy the game. LOL ๐Ÿ™‚ So, I did a little digging…

  1. Tencent Inc, a chinese tech company owns 40% of Epic Games, the parent company that bought Fortnite or create it.
  2. Epic doesn’t trade publicly, so we’ll have to buy Tencent.
  3. Fornite is still in beta, even it’s free to download and play, but the company earnedย  $0.5B or $500millions within the first few months of debute. Kids are willing to pay $10 to have the parachute that looks like a dragon and a body suit of Lara Croft, Michael Jordan basketball outfit. I even have fun with generic item. I can see how it’s super inviting to just spend $10 for a great outfit (skin).
  4. Epic is sued by the parent company of PUGB (I might bombed the name), but basically, it copied most of the features and game play. Epic did it better by making the game map smaller and the turn over time is faster, (fit the American model of INSTANT GRATIFICATION, hence the never as popular Soccer vs American Football or Basketball.)
    • The game also encourage its players to buy the SEASON Pass. What it does it allows players to go more quest, daily quest, once it hit level 60, they basically earn enough Vbuck (the in-play currency), to buy the next season pass, or buy a skin. Playing with people who buys skin will get everyone 125% more in XP. For that they encourage player retention.
    • Another way they did a good job at is updating the game – updating the style, for losers like myself, I can still get a VICTORY Royal when playing 20p vs 80p, or 50p vs 50p. They also update the weapons – who wouldn’t want an automatic assaulted rifle or a sniper, heck they even have smoke bomb, and will soon have these destroyers missile launcher. Among silly stuff like shooting your buddy with a missile and your buddy can ride on it. You can even carry your buddy on a shopping cart, who wouldn’t want a shopping cart?
  5. The ONE thing that EPIC did very well is BREAKING the barrier – it’s one of the few games that actually allows mobile player, xbox, playstation, and PC in the same game – mobile players can have a disadvantage because they can’t see as far, but still, EPIC can draw in WOMEN players, that makes 40-60% mobile players, that is a huge different.

So, right now Tencent is trading OTC in the US around $50. Epic makes money now when it’s a beta game. Even if the company doesn’t go public, it’s still is a good investment because the company makes money. Tencent also owns part of PUGS, so maybe eventually the 2 company will sort it out outside of court with Tencent being the mediator.

The downfall for me is I have to phone in the order and it would cost me $45 right off the bat. To sell, I might have to do the same, with someone who’s been trading for free, $45 is $45.

I know, I’m not very good at day trading, but I’m just updating what’s going on.

by the way, my nephews are hooked on the game, and they do spend money, I’m blackmailing them to be my friend so I can get some victory royal myself. hahah


  1. Take a look at the ADR rather than the foreign issue. TCEHY is available through Schwab for a $4.95 fee. They pay an annual dividend (Jun). Most ADRs charge a couple of cents per share in fees (and make you wait a few weeks for any div to be credited).

    If you still play Pokemon Go, shoot me your friend code.

    • I stand corrected :), TCEHY does pay dividend 0.11/share, not too bad for a tech/media/game company. I didn’t know about the waiting for a few weeks for the div to be credited. I haven’t hit the call button to buy it yet. I guess it missed the dipped at $48.xx oh well, I can hold it for 5-10 years. Fortnite is getting better, I’ve been playing with a group of 10s years old. hahah they think I’m 10. oh well. I guess I have baby’s voice. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’m still too busy with roof/gutter now ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s so darn hot in the East coast nowadays ๐Ÿ˜‰ perfect weather for roof though, everything is drying fast. I’m getting myself fried … alive LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

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