Divestment – EBAY, AAL


I bought eBay as a part of buying the split strategy last year. The investment pays off I made a handsome profit on selling PayPal. eBay share price has also appreciate while the DOW is at all time high. I still believe in longterm grow and persistent of eBay online retail business, but I still want that dividend. So, I took this oppotunity to get some cash.  

AAL share price also appreciate 30%, my investment yields $4/year. I’m looking to buy something with a better yield. 

My other contemplation is BABA. I bought it at $90, the stock ran up to $120 before decendunf as low as $50s. Now it’s back up to $93, since the stocks doesn’t pay dividend, I’m contemplating selling it to buy something that give me income. The earning report does show the company has some explosive growth though – beating earning estimate of $0.12, earning was $0.79. That’s the other thing with tech companies, Amazon was losing for years and share price still appreciate from $32 to $400s. Anyhow, I might hold on for now. 

Wedding plan is going pretty well – we booked a Church, restaurant, DJ… I might work on cake a possibly some snacks for people who went to the ceremony. I’m not sure if I want to spend the extra money yet. 🙂

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