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They said work-life balance, but lately I’ve been wearing so many hats at the same time that blog life have to give. 

Playing plumber – I found some water near the base of my toilet, thinking that it was from the water-pik that I used to get stuff out of my teeth. I cleaned that off, come to find that there was some more water. My co-worker’s family had to get out of their rental because there was a leak on the old toilet water line that flooded the entire second floor. After listening to their story, I decided to take a closer look. I found water dripping from the connection. I went to get a new line. The water was still leaking. After taking the lid off the water tank, the culprit was the mechanism inside. I had that fixed. Few, the whole evening was gone, just like that. 

Hvac maintenance person – well changing a few filters is easy, going around and get all the filter was hard. Next time, I will work it in the lease that tenant will have to change filter every three months. 

Painter – ok, so the guy who did the power washing didn’t come back. I hired my tenants to paint, but their progress was too slow. I spent a good 15-20 hours to paint, and since it’s almost 3 stories high, I’d have to hire my regular handyman with a tall ladder to finish that off. 

Soccer coach – we’ve just finished our season. We had a great season. The parents and the kids were upset and sad that after this year, they’d no longer to qualify for U12. The city only have it up to U12. I was going to take the fall off so I can plan my wedding, but the Center told us that they would create U14 so all the kids could stay together, look who’s coming back?! …. me again.

Showing agent – a part of being a small time landlord is showing my own property. I read someone post that they’d hire an agent or company to do it and they would charge $400/pop, and monthly fee to collect rent. Well, I’ve been at my rental anyways working, so showing was “easy”, but I have to weave through a tons of email request per day to set things up. I finally found someone who’d sign for 3 months. It will be just pass of my wedding date. In turn, I get to charge a little extra as I’d have to show it to someone later. I’m planning in not having anyone in that space from October to December should I couldn’t find a replacement. 

Still working fulltime – job is going well. Volunteer coaching soccer making my work schedule easier. I’d have to get day shift on those days. 1. I know exactly when I get off in Monday and Wednesday, and they can’t give me a whole week of terrible shift. Which was cool. Good things do happen when you do good deed. 

Movie screener – my friend told me about the free screening, so I got to see “Central Intelligence” staring Kevin Hart and The Rock. Man, it was great! The best of all, Mr. And I got to see it for free. I’d recommend it to everybody. It’s such a great date movie. 

Prayer – I seriously needed help from up and above people. I pray and and pray for things to go right. Sure enough, the right people would come into my life and make things go better so I can move on. So, thank you everybody for encouragement and helping me getting through this period. I am truly grateful. 

It’s a sad period that we are going through in our country right now with the terrorist at the Pulse in Orlamdo. I had so many good memory in Orlando going to Disney. It’s supposed to be a happy place. I hope and pray our leaders will make the right decisions to protect us. 
Some updated picture of painted decks







  1. When I started my new job after a period of unemployment, work-life balance went through the door. Your post brought me back to thinking about balance and my thanks to you for that.

    When I think about work-life balance, I always remember this wonderful quote….don’t remember from whom….a lady said that people get to pick three things out of the following five….any three:
    + Maintaining friendships.
    + Work.
    + Spending time w/family.
    + Staying fit.
    + Getting sleep.

    This comment rings so true for me. Work (for survival), staying fit (for health issues) and family time have been my picks….maintaining friendships (in person and via blogs) and sleep have been the casualties…..

    But, here is the good news. Financial freedom will help reduce Work commitments and give more time for sleep. I.e. I can have the cake and eat it too! So, things will only get better! Just have to stay the course for a few more years for me and probably much less for you! Just play with the above 5 priorities for some more time and you will be free!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

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