We're not Pregnant! Is It Safe to Travel to Zika Zone?


Some of you might have already know, Mr. and I will be traveling to Cozumel for 9 days trip and this summer we’ll attending our nephew’s wedding in Puerto Rico. It’s a little scary without a lot of information.

Looking at the below map, Zika is all over Americas (North and South including the US). We are not pregnant, and we are not planning to get pregnant on our trip either. But I guess the dying question is whether we will be a “carrier” when we come back. I’ve searched the CDC, and the web recently. I found this article says:

the virus is not likely to linger for years or even months, because Zika is a virus the body can clear out. “It’s not like HIV where you have infectivity that can go on for months or years,” Frieden said.

So, we won’t be “carriers” for long even if we were infected.  I’ve also found four things we need to know before we go in case you haven’t heard about it.

Zika is a virus that cause very mild symptoms, however Brazil has linked it to a severe birth defect that women are infected while pregnant. That wakes the world up, because the virus has been around in Africa and Asia for decades.

1. There is no travel or trade ban

Some airlines will issue a refund or let you postponed your travel if you’re pregnant or concern

2. Pregnant women should consider postponing any trips to affected areas.

3. If you have to travel, cover up!

This is what exactly Mr. and I will do. We’re bringing long sleeves and will stay out of muddy area. We’ll bring a lot of insect/mosquitoes spray with us.

4. Experts are still investigating the microcephaly-Zika virus connection, but it appears likely.

The symptoms are mild. But birth defect is scary!

There’s no treatment and no vaccine

As with so many viruses, there is no specific treatment for Zika. Antibiotics can treat a range of bacterial infections but the same is not true of antiviral drugs. There had not been any market for a drug to treat Zika since it did not seem to cause severe health problems. There’s also no vaccine, for the same reason. But experts say it should be easy to make a vaccine against Zika.

We’re not Pregnant! Is It Safe to Travel to Zika Zone?

The short answer is “Yes!” We don’t plan on making little WRI anytime soon, and with all the precaution we’re planning on taking, and given that we will not become “carriers” even after we’ve become infect. We’ll be okay to have future little WRI without any worry of birth defects. So, Cozumel! Here we come!!

Update 2/6/16 

The head of a top Brazilian health research institute said its scientists have discovered the presence of the active Zika virus in urine and saliva samples.

What does it means? Well, the scientists are still don’t know whether Zika can be transmitted through bodily fluid. 

What are we going to do differently on our Cozumel trip?

We like to snorkel, so to minimize saliva and bodily fluid contact, we are bringing our own snorkeling gears. And exercise all precaution when we are using shared equipments should we have to rent anything. 

Update 2/8/16 – president Obama has asked congress for $2B to fight against Zika. That money will go toward controlling mosquitos, develope faster testing, vaccine, treatment, and genetically modified mosquitos. 



    • It’s transmitted by mosquitoes. However, update reports that it can be found in saliva, blood, semen, and urine. Scientists is now investigating to see if it can be transmitted by fluid contact.

      There is rumors that the area in Brazil that is exploded with the birth defect, they have introduced the genetically modified mosquitos?! It’s just rumors, they modified the mosquitos to die very young, before they could transfer the disease.

      The truth is the HPV virus is the one that has been solidly cause the small brain birth defect.

      People are super mobile worldwide, one can be in all continents within 24 hours period. Its scary time.

      hope this things doesn’t escalate to airborne, it will be detrimental to the human race.

  1. Going to Asia on a trip in a couple of weeks. If history repeats itself, my blood is irresistible to mosquitos. Ill try to wear long sleeves in the burning hot weather! 🙁

    Good tips Vivianne!

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