Get Ready For Monday BIG MONTREOUS Selloff


2:15am, Geece has voted for a July 5th Referendum, the deadline for Greece’s debt payment is June 30th. And the EU and creditor refused to extend the deadline.

Greece is doom …

ATM in Greece are emptied. I’m wondering what’s the country will be like defaulting.

Buying oppotunities for energy ahead with Greece news, and across the board. 

Short term position might not be a good idea, but there will be more buying oppotunity ahead:23255

1. It looks like the EU is ready for Greece collapse. This will cause the Euro to devalue against the USD. Oil price might go down as the result. (By some measure, the EU back down, and give Greece the extension until July 5th vote, oil price might be stable ise)

2. US-Iran nuclea talk sheds some light, if the sanction in Iran is lifted, a flood of oil will come to the open market, this will result a bit of oil price to drop. But the Republican Party might have a different idea.

3. Blue chips like JNJ, PG, WMT, TGT, GE, T, etc that’s on somebody’s radar would have some downward pressure as a whole. Posing some great buying oppotunites. I wouldn’t pass up on it.

ALL the country who hosted the Olympic, the following years would be recession. The road to Greece getting out of debt and stable economy is like a marathon, Greeks should buckle down and sign the paper before the country is overrun by thugs!

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