Juventus Double-Decks Bus Holding Off Real Madrid Relentless Attacks


181758_heroaI was happy to get off right at the time the Champion league match between Real Madrid vs Juventus. Both teams really gave their best. The very man Real Madrid got rid off last year, Morata, scored the very goal that exit real marid out of the champion league.

That got me to think, how many stocks have you bought because of its attractive fundamentals, then you got rid of it due to some headlines. Then a couple years later it grows 2x, 4x, 8x, 20x, etc? It’s just the way life goes. That’s why you got to stick to your strategy. With that, I’ve just published my Well Rounded Portfolio to keep myself accountable. And I need to stick to my asset allocation portfolio management.

This year, I planed to give myself a $10K increase in rental income. Therefore, I’ve been working hard to show my property. Making sure all the rooms are rented. My average is visiting the property 2-5 times a week. The property is on my way home or on my way to soccer practice, so it only added 10-30 minutes of my time.

Here are some people that have been consistently doing their due diligent and it has been paying off for them.

Quitting My Full-Time Job: One Year Later – Dividend Mantra, Jason.

April – May 2015 Rental Cash Flow – No None Sense Landlord, Eric

Dividend Income Update – April 2015 – DivHut put out a massive dividend amount even on slow month like April

Succumbing to Lifestyle Inflation – Freedom Thirty Five Blog, Liquid, years of savings has allowed him to up his spending without cutting into monthly investment

Win for Life – No More Waffles leave you baffle at the rate of saving 70-75% each month. He turns his middle class income into some solid portfolio that any 25 years old would envy for. Making it looks like he’s setting himself up for those monthly annuity payments from winning a lottery.

Dividend Income Updates – “The Power of Dividends”‏ – B is well on his way to financial freedom, and he’s not even hitting 30 yet.

Recent Trade – Sell JD Sports – There’s value team tell us why they sell their position. Which from time to time you’ll have to make the decision.

Why people are not saving for retirement? – Retireby50 raised the ultimate question!

Recent Buy – TD – The Tawcan is getting it done! They eye themselves on Canadian banks. Which I share the same view. Banks are currently undervalue.

Wish you were!!! – Dividend Dreamer having good times at summer concert! Invite me next time, bro!

Dividend Update: April 2015 – My Dividend Growth, Ryan, has a late start on dividend growth strategy, but so am I. It’s nice to have a buddy on the same journey.

A Budget for a Young Family – The professor puts out a case study for a young family.

Mortgage As A Forced Savings Account To Build Wealth – Financial Samurai – with estimate net worth upward $5-10M. He knows what he’s talking about.

First Dividends Received – Michael, 27 yo healthcare professional begin his dividend portfolio from $30k initial investment. His goal is to build enough passive income to not only to survive but to live by the age of 40. Man, I wish I was already doing this right off finishing school.

**Talking about persistent. How much do wellroundedinvestor.com worth as of 5/17/15?** and my initial investment as far as money goes is $36 this year. Side note, I have not yet monetize www.wellroundedinvestor.com yet. As I hate pop-up ads. I hate it when I go to a website and they want me to subscribe …ughhh! So, I want to leave a free and open environment for now. I like blogging as a hobby, as a place where I can keep myself accountable.



    • It’s truely my pleasure. You are my inspiration. I don’t know sole dividend investor can bring home a six figure income. But you, sir, with your rental property portfolio, bring home 6-figure income. And you only started in 2010.

      It takes a dividend investor to have $4 millions to bring home $100K. But it probably would take a property investor a quarter of that to achieve it. That’s the power of leverage.

      Of course, I can’t discount all the time and effort someone like you putting into the business – fixing, turn over, keep track of book, etc.

  1. Hi Vivianne

    Many thanks for the mention 🙂

    I have no doubt that you are too on your way to financial freedom. The fact that you are hungry for the success shows how much you truly value FI.

    On a side note, it’s great to see Juventus holding off RM and facing Barca in the final, a club I will be supporting and rooting for 🙂

    • It will be a great game classic defense versus tiki take offense (although they haven tiki take too much he last couple years). If Juventus can hold barca into overtime, barcalona will lose. The italian team is much more physical, don’t underestimate tevez and co.

      I’d be happy to see if messi can overtake rolnaldo golden boots this year with 4 goals deficit from tying him.

  2. I hope you make it to that extra 10K, sounds good so far.

    Thank you for compiling this list of posts and for the inclusion, I’m excited to dig in.

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