Recent Buys


Recent Buys

With the DOW having several down sessions. I got the itch to buy again to strengthen my dividend portfolio. Even though, some of the stocks continue to slide, but I’ll never know when is the bottom to buy, so average down/up is the way to go for now.

I added:

10 shares of CAT at 80.66 __________ $28

10 share of DE at 90.02 annual dividend: $24

50 shares of O @ 48.83 _____________$113.5

15 shares of V @ 269.67 ____________ $28.8

20 shares of WMT @ 82.63 ___________$39.2

100 shares of C @ 53.57 _____________ $0.04 (expect to increase soon)

100 shares of D @ 70.46 ______________$259

50 shares of GE @ 25.52   _____________$46

30 share of T @ 33.48 _________________$56.4

This adds $594.94 to my annual dividend, since most of the dividend has been paid out for the quarter, I’ll have 3/4 of it to $446.205 this year.

I am rebuilding my portfolio so dividend from last year will not be match up with this year, as I continue to add more shares and companies.



  1. Hi Vivianne

    Wow thats a lot of buying there.

    Your cash loads must be pretty full. Any sort of equities vs cash allocation that you are currently holding?

    • I’d like to be 80-90% equity and 10-20% cash. But I’ve just spent heavily, so cash is tight right now (5%). But I have pretty good cash flow from job, dividends, and rental income (projected to put $48k into investment account this year).

      I had $20k laying around because I was expecting a drop. I bought oil when the price was falling. So when it rebounded, I didn’t see the short term recovery. So, I sold my COP, and BP positions for short term profit.

      I no longer hold APPL stocks as I don’t believe in the product anymore. It cashes all the time from ipad to iphone. And their laptop is getting tons of bugs and viruses.

      D went up for no reason while oil was falling, so I shorted D. But when the price of D fell again due to correction and adjustment to lower revenue due to lower cost of producing electricity. So I thought why not retake a position and average down. D seems to split when the share is 70-90$ so I don’t want to miss out on the gain. I’m a D customer. So, I know I pay my bills diligently and the economy does well in my region.

      The FEd will have to increase interest rate at some point and the uncertainty on the time frame will cause turbulent. Each time there is a correction, I’ll buy some. Also, if the FED doesn’t increase rate my dividend profile will do well, if they increase rate my financial stocks will do well. So I’m hedging against myself. P

      As for the cash and equity. In previous years, I only have less than 10 stocks which causes dividend payout not too smooth (I would like my dividend portfolio to look like divhut, or dividend mantra, or Tawcan).

      I should have two categories, growth stocks and dividend growth stocks. I’m bullish banking stocks for the next two years. And some bank stocks are also dividend growth stock like WFC and JPM, I’m looking to add JPM at some points.

  2. Wow…lots of buying indeed. That dividend will swell in the coming months and quarters…keep up the great work!


  3. Whoa, looks like you can expect a big increase in dividend income. I have CAT as well, but bought them around $90/share so I’m currently in the red. Collecting consistent dividends though. 🙂

  4. Vivianne,

    That’s a lot of purchases for just one month! Well done! These are all companies I can get behind and that I want to own a piece of too in the future.

    Keep it up, you’re doing fantastic.

    Best wishes,

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