Nine Reason$ I Love About My Job


In order to keep plowing through the next two years at my current job, I need to focus on the positive side of holding my job. The grass always look greener on the other side. I’m very guilty of this, and I’m realizing that there has to be a balance between having long term goals and ambitions and working towards those, and living in the moment – allowing myself to fully appreciate my current job and situation as a good thing at this time. This is called  “count your blessing”. So, here goes:

1. My best friends are my colleagues. It is very comforting to have a group of people that I can  turn  to. I am in a town all by yourself that I could call somebody up, and they could be by my side. They could help with schedule change, to share bad times and good times with me. Many occasions where I’d pack my lunch and leave it at home and no wallet.  They didn’t hesitate to lend me money to buy lunch or pay for gas. Not everyone can have this kind of chemistry in a company like this.

2. Never have to walk in snow or rain – My parking garage is connect to my work. It can be snowing or raining, but I never have to walk outside to endure the harsh winter. I pay a fortune like this. Back in the day, my 1 year parking fee is greater than what my car is worth.

3. It is safe part of the downtown area – I would feel comfortable walking around this area where it is only government and clinic.

4. Beautiful scenic drive – I get to drive through a scenic road every single day – it is beautiful here in the north east – no matter what time of the year, either flowers are blooming, leave turning, even on a cloudy, muddy, floggy, rainy, sunny day. It is beautiful where you can see the cycles of life, with old architecture buildings. The city is very charming.

5. It pays very well – The whole reason I can afford my trips to Puerto Rico, California – San Francisco, Los Angeles, Asia, Minneapolis, Texas, St. Louis, West Virginia, Chicago, Nebraska, Wyoming, South Dakota, Disney World, Tampa, Cruise to Caribbean, Washington DC, New York, Niagara Falls, Buffalo, Toronto is all to my job paying me well. Don’t forget many trips to the beach (beach front room).

6. Interesting stories – I’m fortunate to work with a lot of wise and well traveled people. They have wisdom and great story to tell.

7. Co-workers also love their jobs – it is cool to be around people who love their job and making the workplace a more positive environment.

8. Source of inspirations – My work (hopefully) helps to inspire and encourage young people. As many students passing through me, I tried to give them pointers and hopefully inspire them to share their knowledge as they move on to the world.

9. Paid time off – I have PTO which the I earned the vacation time. It is awesome to be on vacation and get paid at the same time.

I’m adding a extra bonus reason that I love about my job 🙂 you can’t have too much of a good thing, right?

10. Receive Freebies – 401K matching up to 4%-12% depending on your age and years of service, free meals for X-mas, Thanksgiving, to free yoga class, free 6 credits per semester (I haven’t taken advantage of this :(), free meal with I reach my 5 years, free tshirt (one time), free scrubs (well you have to check them back in, but as long as you work here, they are yours to us), free $8000 when you buy your first house (I didn’t take advantage of this as I didn’t know), free CPR classes

It really isn’t bad most day, I don’t dislike my job, like today, one of my decision can affect somebody’s baby. And I made the call so we can provide the best care possible to the patient. I can say I have my chin up, walk straight, and sleep very well at night knowing I can allow the team a bit longer to make the decision, rather than saying “no” because they are 10 minutes behind schedule.

Many times I complain about working overnight, but the patients get sick or still sick whether it’s day or night, somebody needs to be there for them. I just feel lucky that I’m the healthy one instead of the sick one. I’m thankful for the good health that I’m having right now. I do appreciate my colleagues, my companies, and everyone else to give me the opportunity to work and continue to work in a nice and safe environment.

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  1. Hi Vivanne, all excellent reasons to love your job! Personally, I am just a negative person and sometimes I think my job is worse than it actually is. Life does get much more simpler when one loves their job though.

    • Mr. WRI loves his job a lot more than I do. He is emotionally invested in this company – he was borned here, went to college here, worked here ~ 25 years, donate a lot of money back into the college so he can get basketball ticket and give back. I can see his anxiety level goes up with each meetings. What’s kind of life is that? While he is his own entity, I can’t help him. But I’d say to him, he has his 88 years of pizzas (his main dinner food), and I got shelter. We couldn’t be that screwed, so why worry about losing a job? Just relax and enjoy it, take the job from an outsider’s perspective, instead of being in it.

  2. I can see why you love your job! Those are all fabulous pluses and they pretty much negate the disadvantages. In my opinion, having a job with a good benefits package can outweigh lesser pay (as long as its livable). Having good coworkers says a lot about the place you work at and dramatically increases a jobs positive qualities. You have to be connected to/like the people you work with in order to enjoy working!

    • I read one of the book on how to improve EQ – people who have higher EQ are generally surrounded themselves with positive attitude people. I’m doing just that! :P.

      (trust me there are a bunch of complainers, negative attitude, totally hating what they are doing, but still show up) – I stay away from these people.

  3. It is a tough slog when you have a goal to be free of it in two years. Hopefully your plan is on track. Staying longer, after you have mentally checked out is very tough.

    I see my own situation very similar. With more rental income than I make at my job, and saving more than my gross pay at my regular job, I really do not need the job. Just 16 months left…!

    • I think I can pull the trigger anytime. I have a total of 6 units, cashflow, mortgage covered and bring in way more than what I need on a monthly basis. I’m still selecting what kind of information I should publish.

      Two more years should give me enough cushion as property value appreciation, rent increase, continue to put money and build $500k portfolio for lavish spending like out of the country vacation.

      Four more years if I go forward and create a trust fund for my family if anyone go through hardship. Still debating whether I should start a DRIP trust fund now, give a small percentage, or wait until I am fully funded. I give away $2-3k each year, so some of them might expect monetary assistant from me. I can sit there and dwell the fact why they spend lavishly on phone, cable, and eating out. Or I can just be happy that I am in the position to help them out. Tough choice, always!

  4. Wow! Awesome set of job attributes. I wish that this job situation continues for a long long time!

    And an awesome thought provoking post…I will do the same exercise. I do get distracted sometimes….reading all the blogs about financial independence makes me find faults with my current job. But, finding things to be thankful for is a good way to keep oneself grounded. Thanks for sharing!

    • People who do the positive exercise will actually find themselves more happy. It’s free, so why not, eh? Hehe. Look forward to your positive exercise posts, so we can share the happiness.

  5. Hi dear,

    Me I love my job, even if we have the objective to retired in 10 years, I will try to benefits from what it gives me, money, opportunity to travel and security.

    So we are trying to have a frugal life and save the maximum.


  6. Hi Vivianne

    Aww, you know what? Sometimes it pays off just thinking the positive side of something, even if that something is the thing you don’t really like. I’ve thought about a couple of things I like about my jobs and these are indeed more intangible than anything, but I hope I’ll still achieve FI one day through the push from it, ironically 🙂

    • Trust me, I had also listed a list that my workplace should change, but then the thoughts started to upset me even when I’m not at work. Why suffer? Why let it get to me? The job is a non-living things, in the end, I’m the one who can make myself happy or suffer, it is just a state of mind, just flip it to the positive side and I’m a much happier person, simple as that. Heheh

  7. Vivianne,

    Those are some really good reasons to love your job. Co-workers and overall office animosity can make a big difference in wanting to go to work in the morning, I can tell you.

    Also, how awesome is it that your company chips in $8,000 towards your first home purchase!?

    Best wishes,

  8. Your job really seems great. If I felt like I’m making a difference and contributing somehow through my job, I might feel differently. Although I don’t like being negative and try at work to not be around people like that, I am aware that I don’t like my job. That’s why I’m trying to do something else, I guess. You’re in a good place where you have more than enough income coming in from your rentals. Wish we were there, not close enough to covering our expenses though.

    • I did the calculation, as long as all of my units are filled. And if I successfully raise rent in the 4-plex to just below the rental market. I’ll reach financial independence this year.

      Financial independence means I work for fun, fulfillment, I work because I want to work. I no longer worry about losing my job, I will continue to work at this job to put more money toward the taxable investment account, this is purely play money – travel, helping out the family, donations, etc. The more I have in this fund, the more generous I’ll be.

      If I come across a job that allows me to grow and I get to do the thing that I’d like to do. I’ll take it. Research, teaching, IT related, arts, going to school to learn more thing. Trying to use a different part of my brain. The option are unlimited.

      Jacob, the guy who owns early retirement extreme, he is still working Fultime after he reach FI.

      MMM family, they are flipping houses, still pretty much working. But probably they have very much flexible schedule.

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