Marathoner crawled to the finish line


I was driving home in the snow as NPR interview the marathoner Hyvon Ngetich. She was in the lead until her muscle gave out, and get down to the hands and knees. She still managed to get third place at the 2015 Austin Marathon in a photo finish that defies the odds.

She told NPR she forget everything, she didn’t remember people was cheering her on, or refusing a wheel chair, she only remember the finish line was close. Only after she was offered water and proper rest that she feel her knees were hurt, and people were telling her, and showing her how she did the last 30 meters.

My first feeling wad, this is Mr. WRI’s people, as he has done 25 mathathons and ultramarathons. A couple of them, his knees gave out and he still continue moving to the finish line. Although he doesn’t win any price, but finishing was important to him.

My second reaction on how I related to this was. I was living on poverty. I must get out of it. I focus on getting a college degree, doing something I like and hopefully making some money along with my job. It seems like yesterday when I graduated from college. I don’t remember how exactly I saved up. I just know I haven’t changed much in lifestyle since college graduation. Saving was almost like an instinct to me. But I guess I wasn’t as savvy as some of younger personal financial bloggers. I wish I know as much as they do when I was at their age. But I guess it’s not too late. Just keep on plowing through the finish line, I guess get there without realizing.


I did some quick calculation today and found out my passive income might cover all of my expense. Although I’m not ready, mainly I don’t have enough emergency fund for fixing and maintaining. But it’s kinda cool to see I’m very close to FI.

I guess for you, sometimes when you keep on going and going. You might have reach FI without realizing it. Especially if you want to retire in south east Asia or South America. It’s very possible to retire even earlier than you planned.

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