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Well, the DOW was up and down, swinging 1000 points over 2 days span. has $JCI on his watch list back January or so. I watch the stock swung to $44 before descending back down to $34.xx today. The yield is at 3%, I figured this is a great entry point.

JCI is an HVAC company that produce brand s

Manuafacturing companies will get hit HARD with the tariff fight. But in the long run, it’s probably going to be better for American economy. So far in 2018, the jobs are still running away to overseas, but says, if they pass a bill to lower the tax for the products to be made at home – the SAME thing that China is subsidizing their companies, American companies might be able to compete. I LOVE the corporate wellfare. LOL 🙂

In the meanwhile, I might expect $JCI to go a little lower around $30.xx. In that case, I’ll buy more share. For now I’m happy with the 3% dividend.

Like I says, buildings, houses are popping up around my city and surrounding counties, so business will continue to be good for the HVAC sector.


Are you cooling off from the market or heating up?


  1. Nice to see someone else picking up some JCI. I have held that stock for many, many years, including the recent ADNT spin off. Not sure why we don’t see this company in more portfolios. While I have been watching that company for a while… I am more into the REITs and utilities these days. Nice pick up. Thanks for sharing.

    • I’ve been watching REITS closely. I’m about to pull the trigger on some 6-12% yields.

      As the interest rate goes up, some REITs are facing headwind, but eventually, they’ll pull out ahead. They’ve always find ways to make profits, so no worries there. 🙂

    • I guess so, I thought a year ago I looked up Trane and it was made by them. Now I look again, Trane is made by Ingersol. Very weird!

        • Hihi, I lived 2 blocks from Ingersol street. I’ve always thought it’s an American name. Hihi. I guess, this is a bust then. With the recent China Talk on the tariffing, the market is optimistic that a deal with China is going to strike on lowering American Cars import into china among other American products. Too bad that I bought this company that isn’t American, might not get the same benefit.

          You don’t see Warren Buffet comes out to make bad comment about Donald Trump after he’s elected as our president. I guess, we all should wish our president, our leader, to be successful so that we can be successful.

          Perhaps if this tariff talk come through we should look to buy more American companies that are still making product on our own soil GE or BOeing, F, GM

          Hopefully, some production will return so we can improve our robotics system on labors.

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