Recent Buy – $D, $GIS


Yep, you got that right, I’m buying when the market is at the ALL TIME HIGH.

However, both Dominion $D, and General Mills $GIS are both lagging recently. That trigger my buys.

I made multiples buy of $D in the past decade, then sell it for profit everytime I buy a property. Either way, who would turn down a 4.8% yield when you know that dividend yield would keep on growing?

As a Dominion customer in the past 11 years, and continue and will be as there is no other alternative electric company, I’ll continue to buy electricity from them, and so are 5 other million customers or household.


General Mills

$GIS is yielding 3.93%, it’s the biggest yield in the past 5 years. So why not? I’m still eating yogurt and cereal. Mr.W is hook on his pop-tart. Us, Americans, aren’t part way with the traditional breakfast – fast meal in the morning. LOL πŸ™‚

Anyhow, I’m long on $D and $GIS

$GIS is down $5 today at $45, yikes!! But it’s and “Aye” to buy for me.

$D has been down from $82 to $68. That’s another “yes” not to protest any sell LOL πŸ™‚Β  Hold is my position, but I don’t mind upping my position.


Please let me know what you think about the buy!!




  1. These look like good buys. Stable and predictable businesses tend to be a safe investment over time. πŸ™‚ I might buy some GIS too if the dividend yield goes over 4%.

  2. These are both great buys. I have been thinking about buying some more GIS and at these prices it seems hard to refuse. I have also been looking into D but Im not sure if I want to start a position there or lower my cost basis on my SO position. Regardless, I think these are great long term buys that will pay off very well in the future.

    • I’d lower my cost basic on SO, make it less depressing to look at LOL πŸ™‚ also, your first initial investment in SO, investors average their buys so I don’t see anything wrong with averaging up or down. The interest rate is going up, so the collateral damage on higher debt company or companies the rely on leverage will be affected. In this case, Utilities gets hit on both ends – 1. cost of borrow to increase for M & A, or cost of building more infastructure increase. 2. In low interest environment, people invest in utilities as it beats the 10 year T-note, but once the interest is >3%, it’s much safer to invest in bonds.

      I buy D because my millennial co-workers are buying houses in doves. Brand new houses in the suburb are being built at a rapid pace, so I know the economy is doing well when I can’t find good workers at low wages. The collateral gain will beat the short term pull back on $D or $GIS.

  3. I wouldn’t call the current market at an all time high, but still nice to see you making a few stock purchases. This correction is just what we needed. I purchased D as well but decided not to pull the trigger on GIS. Although I own both of them in my portfolio.

    • You’re right about not being at the all time high as I read somewhere that 50% of the S&P stocks are in the correction territory. 10-30% decrease from its all time high in the 52-weeks.

      However, even at the closing of negative 1200 points over the past 2 days, the S&P is still 24% higher since the November 2016 election.

      And nearly 10,000 points from 2015 August.

  4. Both companies supporting a nice yield right now. I like both of these pickups! Will GIS increase their dividend before next quarter to keep the streak going? I sure hope so!

  5. Those are some nice pickups WRI. I also recently added to D and took advantage of these low prices. Next…possibly…GIS? I would love to add a position in the company as well. Congrats on the nice shopping trip!


    • Bert,
      I can only admire if your dividend growth. Yes, $D is quite nice! I did the comparison between DUK, D, and SO I definitely think $D growth can go a long way, despite the short term pull back.

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