Road Trip to California Preview


That’s right, it’s roadtrip time again. This year, my sister wants to go to California. So, I make a bucketlist of attractions and restaurants that I’d like to visit and binge! LOL 🙂

We will be driving from the Midwest.

First Stop: Denver, CO – We stopped by Denver 2 times on the previous trip, so this time we’d just passing by. Nothing major here.

Second Stop: Las Vegas, NV – I haven’t been here. So, I’d like to eat at one of the buffett restaurant in one of the casino. Don’t know which one yet, though. LOL 🙂 After that we’ll drive up and down the strip to see the lights. **It sounds juvenile, but I has to be done. hahah

Third Stop: Orange County – I’d like to eat crawfish, Asian bakery, street food, see hollywood, Santa Monica Pier for Pokemon, see cousins??!!

Forth Stop: Yosemite Mountains – I’d like to checkout the waterfalls

Fifth Stop: San Jose/San Francisco – Asian food, Bakery, Golden Bridge, Drive the hilly road of San Francisco. Possibly eat at the 360 Degree view restaurant.

Sixth Stop: Redwood National Forest – Hiking and photo op.

Seventh Stop: Either turning back to see Dinaseaus in Idaho or Utah or Colorado

Eighth Stop: Home.

There are tons of problems with this plan. And we’d probably not able to make all of the stops. But that’s my sister “on the go” style of road trip. hahah LOL 🙂

10 hours drive to Denver on day one is probably going to be hard.

11 hours drive from Denver to Las Vegas

4 hours drive to Orange County California.

6 hours from Los Angeles to Yosemite

5 hours from Yosemite to San Jose/San Francisco

6 hours drive from San Francisco to Redwood National Park

22 hours back to where we’re from.


I haven’t booked hotels yet. As I think it’s easy in the cities. The plunger is probably the national Parks. In that case, I’m going to see if they’d like to camp. 🙂 if they don’t want to fork out $250-350/room per night.

Las Vegas is the easiest, $50/night is okay. But I’m going to get $100/night for 3.5 stars hotel room.





  1. Sounds like an awesome road trip. One option for a buffet at a casino in Las Vegas is the Bellagio Buffet. I went on my trip to Vegas and it was great. It is good to go between breakfast and lunch great varieties of food and it was all tasty. I went around 10:30/11:00am so I had both breakfast and lunch options coming out during my time there.

  2. I agree with Investment Hunting that San Francisco and Yosemite are great places to visit! Yosemite is one of my favorite places to go! Happy road tripping!

  3. I havent been to Denver yet, seems awesome.

    Thats some crazy road trip drive hours there. But you probably have a stop every few hours. Miss my time back then during college.

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