Recent Buy – General Electric ($GE, GE)


Happy Friday Everyone!

I’m still busy as ever. One of my tenant brought in a rescued dog without my knowledge. It turned out that dog as fleas. Now we have flea infested apartment. I gave her three days to remedy the situation. Or I’ll have to call the professionals. She’d also need to treat her dog. It’s a total mess. If you have any suggestion for the dog and fleas. Please let me know. 

Back to GE, the company has several issues:

They sold GE Appliances in 2014, spin off GE capital, lackluster earnings, lackluster revenues, CEO is stepping down in a few months, but didn’t have any good ideas or direction on where the company is going. Some hot-shot at JPMorgan called that GE will go down to $22. 

As the result, the stock went from $33 to $26. I bought 10 shares for my retirement account earlier at $28. But at $26, I pulled the trigger for 20 shares for my taxable account. 

Now, if GE goes down to $24, the yield would be 4%. I’ll up my position. If it’s down to $22, I’ll definitely own a couple hundred shares. Why?

Well, GE did win some of the US defense contract. GE medical equipment is still floating around. GE has tons of cash for more acquisitions. With the old CEO going out, more ideeas and energy will flow through, breathing new air. I could be wrong though. In the meanwhile, I’m settling for a 3.5% yield. 

Back to landlording:

My goal is to get some graffiti off the wall at my rentals. Fix one of the door that we accidentally hit with a car. 

Update in biking:

So far we’ve biked 210 miles on our new bikes. It’s pretty amazing. 


  1. Always love reading about your buys. GE has taken it on the chin as of late and today is no exception. Congrats on taking advantage of weakness and capturing some great yield too!

    • GE is continuing to drop, so it’s a good thing for someone who’s patience. $1 drop in GE, is $1B drop in the market. Yikes!

  2. Hi Vivianne

    Youve been busy there with your rental and dealing with the tenants. Must be hard to deal with tenants here and there especially if they can be fussy.

    Good buy there on GE. GE has always been yielding on the higher side since the gfc but big names there and great diverse business.

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