It’s Fun to Play Pokemon Go Again – Who’s Profiting?


Most of my readers aren’t losers, so you don’t play Pokemon Go. But I’m a true loser, hhihiih and play Pokemon Go. I didn’t sign up to play Pokemon Go immediately as there was a tons of problem with the game at the beginning, as Niantic Servers were getting hacked and the asked people to give up their mailing list and all. Nonetheless, the game was a huge hit among the millennials who grew up watching the series on TV and trading cards, playing Pokemon games. After 2/3 of players dropped out of Pokemon Go, Niantic still reporting 65 Millions users are still playing Pokemon Go. However, the time people spend on the game was less and less, it was becoming boring and repetitive. For a long while, I was only logging on to spin the pokestop to get the special evolution item, collecting my coins, and catching pigey and evolve it immediately. LOL 🙂 Until Yesterday, Niantic dropped a huge upgrade to the Gym Battle System.

Well, introducing Gym Raid – up to 20 players can battle a Gym Boss of 22,000+ CP, right now, this beta is limited to spoofers hehehe people with level 35+ LOL 🙂 because it’s hard for a real player to accumulate 6 Millionx experience points. But maybe it’s the way for Niantic to weed out fake players?? hhihi.

**Update: Level 31+ can now try the RAID

I’ve been experiencing slowness in the servers, maybe the traffic is up again.

Niantic is also selling Max Revive, because the turning over for gym is super fast as pokemon loses motivation after a while. hihi… more reason to make money.

So, who’s benefiting from Pokemon Go Revive??

#1 Nintendo – the owner of Pokemon license – but they don’t trade in America, so call your guy.

#2 Apple ($APPL)– majority of Pokemon go players are apple users

#3 Google ($GOOL) – #1 cellphone users are using Android as OS

#4 Ebay – oh, the Snorlax is so cute, Eevee is even cuter. You do the math – shirt, toys, household items, backpack… all these unofficial items are selling through ebay

#5 Credit card companies – American Express ($AMEX), Visa ($V) and Master ($MA), even PayPal ($PYPL)

I’m probably missing the boat after selling out Visa, PayPal, Ebay, Apple, and Google. I’m probably going to have to wait and see if Brexit would go through and causing some market instability somehow for the next huge buy out.

Updates on our biking and Pokemon Go levels

***I’m level 33, about 1.5M XP away from reaching level 35. So, I haven’t been able to test out the raid system yet. What a bummer! LOL 🙂

***I was riding bike thinking I could hatch some eggs faster, but it turns out we bike >11 miles/hour so the distance won’t get counted. So, for now we’re enjoying each other company while biking, and the scenery.

***We’ve bike 150 Miles so far on our new bikes. We’ll go on a Bike Tour During the 4th of July from Williamburg to Richmond, VA in case some of you want to join us for the 52 miles bike ride.

What do you think? Are you going to join the Pokemon Raid Parties?



  1. Been on three winning raids at Level 30. Nintendo has an ADR trading in the US (NTDOY – 8:1 ratio). But I thought it was overpriced at 26(us$). Now it’s 42 with a yield of about 1%. Blackrock (BLK) also initiated a 5% position in Nintendo in March.

    • Nintendo was a dying company in 2009 when they come out with the Wii, and Super Mario made a great come back.

      Raids level 3 can’t be done solo even with 6 x 3000+ dragonites due to lack of time. Which sucks as I have multiples strong Pokémon, max revives and max potions . These would cost upward 300$ if I’d have to buy the items. Haha. I’m laying off the game as I don’t have much motivation to advance in level. But I still spin the poke stops so I can get evolve items which can’t be bought.

      We’re taking a road trip to California from the Midwest, I’ll do some evolution with my nephews just for kicks.

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