2016 Goals Review


Last year, I set these goals. Let’s see how I did.

  1. Call my Dad once a week. Contact some of my siblings, at least once a month. I’m very bad at calling. Failed – I called him on average of 1.5-2 weeks
  2. volunteer at least 200 hours – basketball and soccer coaching. Maybe habitat of humanity at some point.  Passed – Regardless that I didn’t coach soccer in the fall. With basketball and soccer hours. I clocked in a little bit about the 200 hours mark.
  3. travel outside of the US – I have Cozumel and Puerto Rico lined up for February and July – Passed – Can’t be happier when your goals involve traveling for leisure and pass it. LOL 🙂
  4. Have $50K in emergency cash – Failed – In fact, I bought 2 properties, raided my Roth IRA, and my savings. I’m nearly broke now.
  5. Invest or have $30k in investment account, either in cash or in dividend paying stocks. Failed – Instead of investing in stocks, I invested in properties. I bought 2 properties.
  6. Reach $6k/year or $500/mo in dividend payout. Failed – But, to my defense, my passive income surpass this goal, just not in term of dividend income. Instead, that would translate to double the amount this up coming year. More details later.
  7. Negociate parttime position at work. I have a doctoral degree, I’m young and capable, I don’t want my clinical knowledge to go to waste. mr is not ready to retire, I’d be bored to death staying home or worse, get depress for failure to thrive?🙂 not that bad, but I do need to get out of the house. Failed – I’m too busy with wedding, renovations, and project, plus, I need to rebuild emergency fund.
  8. give away 5% of my income – my Dad or to one of my niece and nephew who are going to college. Passed – In fact, this year, I’m planning on giving all of the proceed on the Midwest properties in helping my family. I’ll give to the kids that are going to college for book and some tuition assistant. We’ll see if how it’s going to turn out.

Even though I didn’t meet all my my goals, but looking back, because of these goals, I was set out to be more conscious of what I do everyday, every week, every month to meet or exceed them. I think I am in a better position today than last year.

How’s your year end goal review go? Please don’t hesitate to link your link in the comment.


  1. I’ll add that you took on a bunch of goals throughout the year, like buying more properties. So you failed at dividends, but succeeded at adding another rental. I don’t see either of these as a fail. Nice work.

  2. Hey a rental isn’t that bad if it’s cash flow positive right off the bat, I see that as somewhat similar to investing in stocks so that’s not a total failure. Time to build up that emergency fund and call your family more!

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