Recent Buy – TGH


I bought 20 shares of TGH at 14.xx. This would yield $19.20/year.

The annualized dividend paid by Textainer Group Holdings Ltd is $0.96/share, currently paid in quarterly installments, and its most recent dividend ex-date was on 11/20/2015. Below is a long-term dividend history chart for TGH, which the report stressed as being of key importance.

This is a container company, it manages 2.1 million containers. It has contracts with the US millitary.

It came down from $36.02 the 52 week high price. I think the 14.xx is extractive enough to initiate a position. I don’t think manager would cut the dividend the second time after seeing what it did to stock price. I think the price might come down a bit further as investors don’t like to see dividend cut.

  • Book value $21.xx
  • Forwarding PE 7.xx
  • Profit margin : 45%, 25%
  • Dividend payout ratio: 63%


  • Debts is 3x earning
  • The economy is slowing down, creating ripple effect
  • Dividend history is hammered with dividend cut. The dividend increase streak is broken.

Overall, it’s probably not a good idea to own this shortterm as more investors see dividend cut as a big factor for something to be on their portfolios. Personally, I feel management did what they have to do to keep the company afloat. GE cut its dividend during the downturn, the stock went from $40 to $6 very quickly. But GE has nearly recover, and will have tons of cash from asset sellout to reward shareholder and acquisitions. So, I feel not all dividend cuts are bad.


update on soccer:

we are effectively out of the play off playing against the strongest team. We have many chances that we couldn’t capitalize.

Some of the parents weren’t as happy not seeing their 8 years old playing against 12 years old kid. I talked to them about how much they have come along way.

I talk about how I’m coaching and teaching. However, the real teacher is actually my players, my students, I learned so much from them.

1.  1 kid, he kept falling, so I studied him. I found out he when he didn’t run with left hand-right foot, right hand left foot. As the result, he didn’t have good gait and fell a lot.  He fixed that, he became balance and supper fast.

2. Another kid, he looks like he has juvenile arthritis, as he complained his knee hurt. I studied him and had him run and walk more using his toe. He’s become faster and no more knee pain. He’s only 10 but he plays well as a goal substitute. I told his guardian that he has an aptitude for physics and mathematics. They surprised that I know that.

3. Another girl was supper shied, but I finally get her to kick through the ball. She did supper great, kicking some powerful shot. She’s super confident now, as also make her one of the captain, the expection is higher when you are in the leadership position.

4. Another girl, she asked to be captain. At first I wouldn’t let her because she doesn’t go to practice one of the day. She has to do anothe sport. And she’s too negative, always fight me in an awkward way. But I made her captain with her promising to support my decision because each decision I make, there is a purpose to it.

5. This is my 2nd season coaching, but I’ve never dealt with conflict. One of the little guy always fight with a big kid. One of my co-worker suggested that I should make them run. 🙂 but I have them do penalty shootout. Whoever win or lose, they are still brother. The little guy shoot better. They stopped fighting. The penalty shootout was so popular that all the boys wants to “settle their score” even when they don’t have any problem with one another. Go figured! Boys!

6. One of the little girl, she was super shy also. She was a bit on the chubby side. She doesn’t like to run. But I learnt that people who doesn’t exercise regularly are pack with fast twist muscle. So,  I told her just run up the ball and kick is really hard. “No mercy!”. Haha, you will see her playing and some time charge to the ball and yell “no mercy!” All the kids would be afraid to be in front of a powerful force.

7. I also learnt that I can teach technique, skills, and all the stategy, but I’m not on the field playing, I’m not the one who take the kids to the game, I can’t be out there playing for them. Some day we have only 4 kids on the field playing against 7 big powerful kids. I will have to learn to take the loses with grace.

Thank you everyone for your encouragement and support.


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