What's Going to Happen on Monday Open?


UntitledFirst, my thoughts and prayers go to the victim and family. We are talking about completely innocent people that are just going to a concert, a football match, restaurant, etc. just the very basic human life activity here. We are talking about France, a western country here, it’s supposed to be safe.

I hope history doesn’t repeat itself, but here are some examples of extremism forces would arise if we too acted unkindly. The Allies humiliated the Germans in the Treaty of Versailles of 1919,  that served as a springboard to Hitler in his rise to power.  The bombardment of Cambodia in 1973 served as fodder for the recruitment campaign of the Khmer Rouge. Twar in Iraq became kindling for the fire of Islamist fanaticism.

Mr. and I are talking about abandoning our trip to France this summer to see the Euro Cup, as big sporting events, and crowded place would be big targets for terrorists attacks. I’m not calling France out however, when American troups were dying in war zones, France were pretty much staying out of it. The event that led to the attack probably stemming from the cartoonist drew Moses. Which caused the initial attack. Then the world responded to democracy. Isis probably used that as an excuse to call for more attacks. First, Russian airplane, now France. Rumors had it they are warning London to be the next target. I pray for this not to happen.

War is a terrible thing. You hear people lost their lives, you see people lose limps, and the survivals are sometimes affected for life by war. War is officially started in 3 continents – Africa, Europe, and Asia. Australia are talking about standing their ground as China is invading the South China Sea. American troups has not withdrawn from the Afghanistan. Donald Trump is talking about building a wall separating Mexico. We have been giving weapons to the “Rebel” in Syria without knowing what’s their agenda and leaders?

What’s going to happen on Monday for stocks?

  • Possibly a down market for petty much everybody.
  • Defense stocks – GD, NOC, GE, will probably go up. Donald Trump made a comments, the only ones with guns were the bad guys. Everytime there is a threat for gun control, I hear my co-workers talking about buying more ammunitions and guns in case they no longer can buy them.
  • Commodities will go up – gold, silver, copper, oil and gas stocks will go up. September 12, 2001. And 2008-2012 gold run are the recents event that I see the gold run.

Update 11/20/15 

1. stocks didn’t fall as the world didn’t want to see the terrorists to win? Cramer called it a “patriotic buy”

2. Multiples raids in Belgium and France to seek out potential attacks.

3. Terrorists has been using encrypted message apps, games console chat rooms to communicate 

4. Anonymous Hacker group declared that they will help

5. It’s not just guns as the threat, they potentially will use weapons of mass destruction such as chemical and biological weapons. 

The world is rapidly changing. I’m praying for peace. 

May we all, while responding to the imperative need to protect the population, also take time to remember, to listen and to learn from history and from the memories of those who witnessed it;

May we all, in a world where the past may be brought back to life in a very real and poignant way (as in the recent movie “The Son of Saul”), honour through our responsible, intelligent and awakened actions the remembrance of so many who died and suffered, and not allow any chance that our children may have to re-live such trauma;

May we all together work to build a world where attentive and compassionate listening to the suffering endured by both sides prevails over the unnecessary escalation of violence that no one wishes for, where the desire for deep and genuine understanding triumphs over our prejudices, our fears and our thirst for vengeance or power;

So that together we may, as Gandhi said, not just keep ourselves from making the world blind, but also light a spark of life, of hope and of love in the eyes of its inhabitants.

May our leaders act wisely and uses wisdoms to lead the world to be a peaceful place.

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