Labor Day Weekend – Virginia Beach Vacation Recap



Rada that collect a month worth of data includes the 2 typhoons from last month
Rada that collect a month worth of data includes the 2 typhoons from last month
Last month, I realized I’ve hit financial independence, as my monthly passive and semi-passive income have exceeded my job’s paychecks. I don’t have to work for another single day at my regular job. With work paychecks, I was able to manage paying all the bills, supporting my dad, afford family vacation, and a little savings. However, I’ve decided to stick to my plan of retiring at 35 years old.  I still need a lot of planning to do before I can call it quit. Such as:

  1. Tract expenses to the penny for 6 months to year
  2. Build up a sizable emergency fund
  3. Move my rental investment into a LLC
  4. Figure out what to do with my free time

Both Mr. and I had the long weekend of Labor’s Day off, so we went to Virginia Beach enjoy the last week of summer.

Hotel: Almost free – we paid $60 for 3 nights stay at the 2 ocean front hotels. Mr. WRI still have a bunch of points, the hotel is fully booked, so we only get free one night stay. And I used my points and $60 to score ocean front hotel for 2-nights stay.

Food and entertainments – we eat out most of the meals except for one day, we ate at the hotel they gave us free continental breakfast. Cost: $300

Gas – $30

Day 1- we got there and I was supper windy so we didn’t immediately go into the ocean. We rode our bikes up and down the boardwalk. Virginia Beach is surprisingly more bike friendly than Myrtle beach. They have expanded the boardwalk to leave room bike lane and a walking lane. The Atlantic avenue also had a decimates lanes for bikes and shuttles. I don’t recall having different venders on the boardwalk, but this year they have them.

The weather was windy and “cold”, the temp was closer to 90f, but I had to wear layers. We took advantage of the heated pool and spas at the hotel. We forgot to being our gogles, so we bought new ones at the stores across the street. Ever since we discovered snorkeling, and we’ve become stronger swimmers with the gogles provided visabilities. We now love to be in the water.

Day 2- We explored the other beaches near the neighborhood beyond the boardwalk. It’s amazing to see how the city went through the transformation to make its street more bike friendly. It was miles of good bike lane. We saw a couple of “professional” bikers was fixing the wheel. I was very impressed that they have tools and parts fitted in one little pouch underneath their seat. One old lady was driving bike offering to give them a lift. What?! People are so.nice near the beach. Wait, she looked like she’s in retirement, maybe people become nicer when they are retired. 🙂

Day 3 – Mr. had to run the half marathon, we moved to a hotel that is 4 blocks from the starting line, and 3 blocks from the finished line. Perfect, for Mr. WRI and I. Mr. ran 13.1 miles in 2 hours and 6 minutes. It wasn’t his best time, but he was very pleased with himself, as he hasn’t run at all going into the race.  We hit the beach, the water was surprisingly warmer than the air temp.

It started to rain a little bit, so we went to the naval museum. It was super cool to be on the Wisconsin. A warship, battle ship, with the size of a football field. You’d feel small being in it.

Day 4 – we hit the beach early. The water was surprisingly warm. After 9:30am, the waves got bigger, so we turned in early to check out of the hotel and headed home. We hit the tennis court to complete our 4-days weekend get away.

What’s about you? Did you do or go anywhere for Labor’s Days weekend? Have you scored a full vacation for free using points?

Sunrise, watch people parasailing. I'm not a strong swimmer so no parasailing for me for awhile. :)
Sunrise, watch people parasailing. I’m not a strong swimmer so no parasailing for me for awhile. 🙂

Our views from hotel
Our views from hotel


    • Thanks. Breaks are great. Frugal lifestyles or not the mental break is crucial for longevity and well being. 🙂

      Last summer I took three vacations but the summer went so quickly that I didn’t feel like I had a break at all. This summer, almost project free, and I space out my five trips, and the summer has been wonderful.

      We have some more short trip coming up to the mountains. However, no more long trips until the new year.

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