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kmiAdded 40 shares of walmart at 69.55$, this will add 78.4$ to annual dividend

Added 10 shares of kinder Morgan kmi at 32.33$ coming close to 6% yield $19.6 to my annual dividend.

China continue to be a major factor for US companies with china exposure, so I see my CAT, WMT have gone down. It goes both ways, WMT can benefit in the long run if they continue to import product from china and not decrease prices at all. This will benefit the company’s bottom line.

Oil prices remain soft, it has gotten to benefit walmart transportation at some point.

I’m looking to add metal fcx, x, cat, and oil companies at some point and average down. The headlines like money outflow level is at the highest since the 90s, that can be interpret as the market oversold, or big money knows more than we do. Either way, I can’t predict the market, but I’m in this for the long hall so I’m going to build my portfolio 10 shares at a time. 🙂

I’m still long LL and BABA as these two are hit by bad news from china and lawsuits. Uncertainty and slowing in growth send stocks down further, so I took an oppotunity to record a loss. This should help with taxes purposes.

What’s about you? Are you clocking some loss for taxes?


  1. Nice purchases, WRI….esp the stock price on KMI is really attractive. I am contemplating adding more here myself.

    Some good ones on your watchlist – looking forward to see which one you add.


    • Wellsfargo and Bank of America both offer free commission to me. I’m using Wells Fargo. Bank of America offer 100 commission free trades a month if you have $25k long before they merge with Merrill lynch. Wells trade, I’m not sure if it’s still free.

      Other people do loyal3, I haven’t used it.

      With dividend investors, and dollar cost average method, it’s best to find a commission free broker.

      I’ve swooped up a few more companies, I’m writing a post on the new buys.

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