Myrtle beach – second summer vacation recap


Hunt for sand dollar on bird island reserve and beach
Hunt for sand dollar on bird island reserve and beach

With so many crazy things happening at work such as JACAHO visitation sent the stress level from management to the roof, which in turn they’d transfer that stress to us employees. One of my coworker was saying she saw our director’s hands were shaking when they asked her question. Another co-worker who’s very much religious accused manager of being afraid of JCAHO inspectors more than being afraid of God or judgement day. I’m not sure what they are really afraid of, but I need to get away, and I’ve been requesting for the slot months ahead.

Recently, I’ve gotten into using the point system with the credit card. However, I don’t get to use the points until the next cycle, luckily, MR. WRI has 80,000 points. Man, he’s not into points, so he must have racked up $80000 in spending over the years! (We need to have a conversation, that’s for later, hihihi). We booked 4 nights at the Sheraton Convention Center, about 2 blocks away. I figured that it’s free, and I can walk. ($20 for parking for 4 nights as members.

I want to ride bicycle on the boardwalk and such, so I managed to buy 2 used bikes for $80 in Myrtle Beach when we arrived off of Craig’s List.  I brought my own rack. (Bike rental in Puerto Rico was $40/day, in myrtle beach was $10/day with coupon).  In PR, we had to drive to the rental place, blah blah, why not have our own? It was a good choice because instead of walking 60 blocks or getting stuck in the traffic, we were cruising through on our bikes. They had a bike lanes for most of the 60 blocks.

We went to see the Medieval Time (horse performance and dinner), I bought the tickets from craigslist for $30 each. I’ve seen another version of medieval time dinner before, but this show was very cool. The food and the service was good. Mr. enjoyed the food especially the large chicken portion and the fresh corn.  They called me “mi lady”, if you are into this kind of stuff you’ll be in a good spot. They had the bird show, too. The bird was flying over our head, they gave everyone a crown. You can buy the flag to support your own knight.  We didn’t buy one.

Golf at the Byrd – I found a deal for $25/person with cart. Mr. wanted to golf, the 2 times he’d been here was all business. Myrtle beach is the golf capital. There were so many golf courses, just one after another. I checked out the real estate, and golf course homes were in the high $100k. The course was very nice, the “rough” is better than the fairways that we have here at home. Mr had three pars, so he was happy about that. We played pretty fast so we caught up with a father and son. The son was very impressed with mr’s drive. He looks like he’ll be ahead of his peers if he’ll play in high school.

Beach volleyball – on our bike outing, we spot a group of people playing volleyball on the beach. I asked to join. I still need some work.


One thing when I look back, I see that we must have really stresses out, that was why we weren’t able to relax until the last 2 days, we’d finally able to sleeimagep in until 9am. The first two days, we’d get up at 6am (mind you, we were on vacation, we’d still functioning like we’d rush to go to work.)

Each day, we wake up, take a dip in the ocean, walk half a block to the bagel place. Mr. loved the place. (I found a coupon for buy one get one free.) Other morning we ate at a French breakfast place where we had fruit crape instead or have brunch.

We rode our bikes all the way to the State park! the beach here is much different, the dynamic is different too.

I’ve heard of Bird Island Reserve, I didn’t know what it was. The review says, people wished that they had a bike. So, we brought our bikes. The sand on the beach was really packed, so biking was really fun. It wasn’t as crowed as Myrtle beach so we rode the bikes with no hands and competed to see who touch the handle first. I met a lady who taught me what’s a “sand dollar” was. We went to hunt for sand dollars for a little bit. 🙂

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