Christmas season of giving or commercializing?


As Apple releasing the new iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, Microsoft, Sony, samsung, etc they all came out to make it look like getting your family a new piece of gadget is giving and caring. The right thing to do, the only way to do. And everyone is doing it. They started advertising as early as holloween, they didn’t even waited until after Thanksgiving. All the radio, tv, and internet sites are out full forces and the Christmas music really get people going. It’s the biggest three months holidays for imagethe retailer and the children and adults are consumed by this.

Christmas is also a convenience holiday, I’m a Buddhist, but my family will get their days off on Christmas. If I don’t ask for the holiday off, I don’t get to see everyone at once. So, I too, consumed by it. I can’t help but to join the force. However, I told myself, we are going to do things different. imageimageimage

This holiday, I still have the Christmas off, but I’m not going home. I am going just stay home and chill. So far this the best Christmas Eve ever. I didn’t get up until 2pm, I ate a bowl of cereal. Mr. WRI came home early from work, informed me it’s foggy outside. I suggested we go picture hunting. And there we were, at the James, by 3:30pm, there was just enough light to create clear, natural color.

imageimageWe gave each other the best gifts –  our time, we enjoyed our presents, each other.  Mr. WRI is an avid marathoner, so he knows the trails fairly well, he took me to serveral places where he knows the pictures would look perfect. On a cold, wet, foggy day, we held each other hand, captured ourselves with a couple season ago camera phone, ipad.

Afterward, we went to see his mom, she’s in her 80s, so she’s pretty much home bound. I showed her the pictures we has just taken. They brought her smiles. She was very happy. Then we went to eat. Proceed to Christmas Eve service at church. Stopped by a couple houses that on the newspaper for having the best light shows. It was perfect.


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