How I save $300 for a new laptop by fixing it cheaply


Well, I had an Acer 5517, I comes with a bunch of preloaded security programs that I don’t like. And sometimes, it gets slow because of a virus/bug here and there. So, I normally restore it to manufacture state, update drivers. Then, my laptop started to darken down unexpectedly. I thought it’s the brand acer that has a problem. Because when I did google search, everyone has the same problem, no matter what model.

Over the past few months, on and off, I’ve tried different method.

1. Change inverter – it’s an easy fix. Just buy an inverter online. a few screws you can it changed. The problem still persist. Youtube

2. Update RAM, change ram, Clean RAM. Still problematic.

3. Update bio – this solution worked like a charm for me. Because as I update the drivers, the bios has become outdated, and need to be update to be compatible with drivers/hardware.

I was very relief, because I don’t want to spend money for a laptop when I don’t use it very often. Kudos to my persistent, and patience.

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