New Career, Fortnite Events Organizers!


As you’ve noticed, I haven’t posted anything on this website forever. I’m continuing to watch for value stocks to add to my portfolio. However, given the fact that I only have 1 GOAL for this year was to pay off my student loan of ~ $44K, I’ve already set that amount on the side and waiting to pull the trigger once I line up the right credit card to max out the point for hotel and airline tickets.

But what have taken the most of my time beside renal property and exercise was Fortnite. I played it for a little bit while visiting my family back home in the MidWest. My husband played it more than me, then … BUM! I got into it. In fact, I like it so much, I even bought 100 shares of Tencent. Since then the stock tanked as low as $41, but I didn’t pull the trigger fast enough before it rebounded. oh well.

I’ve been playing Fortnite more and more, and I started to get some wins – Victory Royals. You’d think I must be very good, I’m not. However, I friended with a lot of people. And I’ve collected over 20 “friends” who are LEGEND status, these people have very high win ratio. And I got carried. hhaha!

I’ve been questioning, why would these people want to play with a NOOB like myself, noob is a term for calling a newbie or someone who’s very bad at Fortnite and didn’t pay for a battle pass. hiihih… I have no clue, but one kid told me I have very nice voice. hahha! Well, thank you! Then more and more “friends” are waiting in line to play with me. hahah. Seriously, everytime I signed on, I had minimum 10 invites to join their group. I’m NOT good at all, if I don’t go and hide, I’d get kill instantly in the game trying to battle with somebody.  But I have a very good knack for the game, I’d tell the team to go behind, or wait out from the 2 teams that are fighting so they’d get weak, then coming to get the Victory Royal at the end. hahah, or Engage when I see 2 of them vs 4 of us, etc. I’d take people around the map for the optimum route of success. hahah… I know where the portals are and such.

That’s been cool for awhile, but my nephew was just FLOORED when he found out I’m also part of a team. From his feedback, he’s back out of his team because there is no competition or anything. A lot of the kids I’ve been playing with doesn’t have extra money to buy the “skin” or battle pass, so I’m creating a $5 competition. LOL 🙂 I guess, they could buy a starter pack for one of their team members. So far, I got numerous applicants, but I’ve limited the competition to 8 teams of 3, and I get a to experience battling with these legends in this competition, for sure, I’ll get more and more Wins, even though my kill rate is 0.005 hahah, for every thousand games, I get 5 kills. Like super suck at it, yet, my win % is 4% hahaha!! Most kids would die to have my winning record.

Anyhow, that’s that for now. I’m organizing these competition, post video on facebook live and youtube. For now, I’m having a great time at this game. Hopefully, some time in the near future, when Fortnite allows Private Servers, then I’ll be ahead of the game by having these competition lining up, and I’ll find out who the true stars. Hopefully, the prize money I offer would go from $5 to $500K like Fortnite is doing. hheheh I highly doubt I’d be that big, but for sure, If I keep at this, I’ll be good at organizing and hopefully more doors will open for me.



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