Recent Buy – AT&T $T


After liquidating my entire stock portfolio to buy my commercial property, I’m now slowly building my portfolio back up.

My stock portfolio is now worth $40K, and $70K in CASH. So I’m 1/4 way from recovering to the $450K that hadn’t I sold it to buy real estate property. I project, I’ll have ~$160K by the end of the year, as I might sink $45K to pay off the student loan at some point this year.

For that, I’m buying whenever I can. I used to have 30 shares of AT&T, I added 10 shares last year, and today, I took the plunge and added another 10 shares at $32.xx, with the yield is almost at 6% and the 10-year T-note is at 3%, I guess, I’m okay with the scenario for now.

Open33.44 52 Week High40.56 Market Cap203.3B
Day High33.70 52 Wk Hi Date2017-04-26 Shares Out6.1B
Day Low32.47 52 Week Low32.47 Dividend (TTM)2.00
10D Avg Vol32.4M 52 Wk Lo Date2018-04-26 Div Yield (TTM)6.04%
Beta0.37 YTD % Chg-14.87 1 Year % Chg-18.15

I’m okay with adding more because it’s hit the 52-week low, it might move lower as the DOJ is denying AT&T from buying TimeWarner.



The customer culture is changing, but I found that it’s probably not much of an issue as Netflix’s content and other streaming contents are pretty much trash. hahah… I had Netflix for over 3 years sharing with my co-worker for $30/person, then $40, then $50, then when they decided to raise the price to $60/person when I only watch a couple of the original shows … I’m was like …eeekkkk. I’m too busy for this crap. The REAL TV watchers are like Mr.W, his mom, and my tenants. hahah seriously, these people WILL NOT cut the cord no matter what, so I think AT&T business will not going anywhere as long as the base population are still stick to their way of life.

On the side note: It’s popular nowsaday to say: I don’t have time to watch TV. Yet, these very same people manage toΒ  spend all most all of their awaking hours on the device watching some sort of entertainments. These very same people essentially will sign up for AT&T streaming content from DirectTV, and their strong cell service.

My thing is Netflix won’t be able to keep up with the 15million growth rate πŸ™‚ That customers base will stabilize for everybody. Therefore, I’m okay with owning both $VZ and $T to collect 5.5% and 6.1% of dividend a piece. LOL πŸ™‚

If AT&T falls below $30 mark, I’m going to own 100 shares πŸ™‚ that’s for sure. So we’ll see.


What do you think about the buy? Where do you think the media companies are going to go in the next few months?



  1. Hi Well round Investor

    Good buy, I bought them yesterday also, and have the same thougts as you, when the price goes down more I will add more.

    Keep up.

  2. Would love to add but waiting for my account to get transferred to Merrill edge. After the transfer will have some cash to make some purchases as fractional shares will get sold off.

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