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April is 3/4 way over, and man this year has gone by so quickly.

We took a trip to DC 2 weekends ago, and we’ve just taken another trip to Hot Springs, VA. The stay at the Omni Homestead Resort was sensational. LOL hihiih… We booked the Spa for the first time and it was well worth it. We love hiking, so this was a nice spot for it as we climbed straight up the mountain, then dipped ourselves in the very same hot tub that Thomas Jefferson and past presidents and families enjoyed. hihiih… All for the price of almost … nothing. It was Mr.W’s business trip and I tagged along for free. We had to pay for our last night and our spas.

Taxes was done 1 week prior to the IRS website crashed. Last year, I had to pay so much taxes that this year, I decided to wait until the very last week to file. It turned out, I overpaid my taxes in 2017, so I got some money back. **Cheers!**. I’ll use this money to add on to my student loan paying back fund.

On the rental front, my one empty unit will have 3 guys moving in this weekend. Hopefully, everything will go smoothly.

On investment side, my 401K is almost back to the January peak level, so it’s not too bad.

I’m trying to upload the photos but the file is huge. I’ll work it out and post some beautiful spring photos later.

Back to $KMB

Open 100.27
High 101.66
Low 97.53
Mkt cap 34.46B
P/E ratio 15.91
Div yield 4.06%
Prev close 100.03
52-wk high 134.30
52-wk low 97.53

Yield is 4% is pretty decent. down 30% from its 52-week high from $134.30 to $100 signifying a good entry point. I might have to average down if it fall into the low $90s.

As long as my hospitals and all the hospital in the US is continuing to use KMB’s products (Huggies. Kleenex. Scott. Kotex. Cottonelle), the company is not going anywhere.

Some dividend bloggers are guying KMB too are:

Young Dividend: Recent buy: PM, PG, KMB, MMM, etc

My Dividend Pipeline: Recent Buys — T & KMB

  • KMB:  20 shares @ $111.71 — Yield  3.47%

Dividend Lord: 3 Recent Buys – KMB, NOK, ORI

Buy in USD – Kimberly-Clark Corporation (KMB)
Trade Price: 122.25
Shares: 4

Mr.Robot @ Financially Free in 10 years

5 shares at ~$109
Despises all the risks, KMB is still an aristocrats.


  • Raw material fluctuations pose another risk. Cellulose fiber is the primary raw material for Kimberly-Clark’s tissue products and is a component of diapers and incontinence care products.
  • Competitive developments in emerging markets such as China are another risk factor to monitor.
  • Kimberly-Clark’s markets are very competitive, and the strong U.S. dollar only adds to challenges faced by domestic manufacturers who export some of their products.

Kimberly-Clark raised its dividend by 5.4% in early 2017, marking its 45th consecutive annual dividend increase. The company has paid dividends for more than 80 consecutive years and increased its dividend by 6.5% over the last decade.

Beside, I don’t mind sinking $1000 for 10 shares, yielding at 4%, I’ll get my $40/year is not too bad.


Stock buying wishlist, or active wishlist… Waiting for GE to drop back down if Warren Buffett buying turned out to be a bust.

DIS if earning disappointment or going toward streaming is not applicable… Netflix is going to buy a chain movie theater, while Disney wants to give customer streaming service.

Dominion power – if it continue to fall below $62, I’ll keep buying to average down.


What do you think about the buy? Do you have any and planning on adding more as KMB struggling?


  1. I also bought KMB as well as Stockles and Mr. ATM. It’s quite the popular dgi stock at the moment. 🙂

    Nice buy and love your active watchlist. No PG for you?

  2. I like this buy a lot. In fact, it is my April stock purchase 🙂 Seeing KMB yield over 4% is a trigger for me. There are so many solid companies out there beaten down and giving us much better yields not seen in a long, long time, especially for the consumer staples. Long KMB!

    • Wow, you acted very quickly. I didn’t even see KMB on your list, but I think we both saw the price decline before and quickly grab it. LOL 🙂

      I’ve included the link to your post. It’s a very nice watchlist. I often go to your website first prior to making purchases.

      I’ve been watching WELL and a few other ones that you’ve mentioned on your post, but when I do my taxes, anytime I put in my REITs income, the amount I got back from the tax refund is much less, so that’s why I’m aiming for high yield companies vs REITs … but at some point I couldn’t resist and will grab WELL, VENtas, HCP, more O, more MAIN, more NRZ… we’ll see though. I hold 70% cash right now. LOL 🙂

  3. Hi Vivianne,
    I added to KMB late last week at a 3.9% yield. Missed the additional leg down this week below $100, so was a little early to the party.

    I’m just now finding your blog. Very nice. Congrats on the longevity. Saw your comment over at the Diplomats and came over for a visit. We “fish from the same pond” when it comes to investing in dividend stocks.

    Would you consider a blog roll swap with my site? Stop by when you have a chance to check it out and let me know.


  4. Yeah, my purchase in February was a little early, but at least I got the dividend. Had to chuckle on the earnings call with the results being partially attributable to “a severe cold and flu season” raising tissue sales. They did raise their dividend this month as well by 3% and they are one of my three primary holdings.

    • It was a very severe flu season, Mr.W was having this long cough for 3 months. My hospital employs 8000 workers, so ~25% of the people called out sick. Some people was hospitalized.

      The flu was pretty vicious, the vaccine was useless because all of us was vaccinated, and the CDC managed to get it wrong once again for 8 consecutive years.

      As for KMB buying early or late, it comes down to the time in the market instead of timing the market. My mentality in February was debating to sink the cash all at once to pay off student loan/buying a property in Puerto Rico, so I didn’t want to initiate new positions, I wanted to average down my GE, F, D positions. Now that $GE and $F are almost breaking even, I’m more comfortable taking new positions.

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