Gun, Marijuana (Drugs), Electronic Currency (Bitcoin, block-chain currency), and Immigration Reform Are to dominate 2018 Headlines


School Shootings are on the Rise

Well, as a long term investor, I probably shouldn’t be worry too much about the market swing. But I do like to take in a nicer sum of dividend says 4.2% vs 4.0%. So headlines are going to be affecting the market.

This is the 18th school related shooting in 2018

However, the shooting in Parkland is the 18th incident in which a gun has been discharged on a school campus in the US this year,

How’s it affecting investors?

Each time there is a shooting, fear of gun control would cause people to go out and buy more gun and bullets. So, gun sales go up, gun stock price goes up – $GD, $NOC, $GE

After the shooting at the Florida high school, (the gunman killed 17 students and teacher), members of the house and senate GOP sent out tweets of “thoughts and prayers”, after receiving upto $5.2M person from the NRA.


Marijuana is dominating in homes of educated families, as everyone is playing down the the effect of marijuana. So, I don’t know how long it’d take for the US Government to realized what drugs do to people. But until then, it’s like 1960s again. And it’s horrible for landlords like myself, wanting to keep my building drug-free.

How’s it affecting investors?

Well marijuana stocks would go up as more growers, producer, distributors, and users. $SMG

Marijuana is a drug. Drug has side effects.

Electronic money, block-chain currency –

people were buying currency with credit card, it’s been truly a buying frenzy. #1 Bitcoin went from $1 in 2005 to $19000 in 2018. Now back to $10,000.

#2 Ethernium was $1, then $20, $200, $400, now hovering $1,000

This kind of insane appreciation. So more players are in the blockchain game – even fujifilm are having plans to make their own currency. Countries like China, Russia, etc are making their own to get their bites.

One of my favorite bloggers has quit his job and focusing on e-coin now. From his $10K initial investment, he’s now able to retire and working on a start-up. Unbelievable journey, but it does turn people into millionaire just over a period of a few month. Check out his blog here Investment Hunting

Immigration Reform

Every candidates on the GOP was talking about how they’d make the change. It’d cost $5K for a DACA (the DREAMERS), immigrant that crossed the US border when they were a child to renew their card. That’d give them the ability to work legally in America.

At my work, we’ve been filling out the i-90 form, to verify our legal status, if we aren’t legal, my guess is they’ll have to report them to immigration or acquit/fire from their job.

Donald Trump is repeatedly citing and linking Hispanic immigrants to gangs.

I think the real threat are the illegal or expired, overstayed Chinese international students. Either way, they all seems to find a way to stay, work in US firms, and US universities, US government (NASA), even US secretive services CIA and the FBI. A few blew out articles has mentioning this. There are more damages that could be done by the Chinese government who sent their spies over, or reaching out/recruit these people to work for them.

Either way, I’m just scared that one day walking down the street of Chinatowns in America won’t be the same.

FBI director issue warning about US spies among US University

US (CIA, FBI and NSA) warns phone company not to use Chinese made cellphone – I think they should also add Chinese computers also as it steals information, then send back to China.

Put it this way:

US moved all of their plants to China … okay, China get the old technology, and make improvement from there.

The only thing the US HAS right now is our BRAIN. The ability to innovate. Where are the ideas of new technology are from?? From the US University. And look what happen? The Chinese are sending their spies over to US University, a school say in the Midwest like University of Wisconsin can charge $30K or $50K/year per student instead of $25K to a US citizen. And a greedy college CEO would definitely slot 10%-30% foreigner students so they can get their supersize bonus.

The average University CEO pays are $1.5M (housing allowance, clothes allowance, car allowance, bonuses, kickbacks, etc). Look at college football and basketball coaches’ salaries – between TV deals and all the corrupted allowances, their salaries can go up to $5M.

Either way, Universities ac-crossing America are selling their soul for some $$$$$. Okay… After the boom of marijuana, prescription drugs abuse and the mass steals of our trademarks and innovation. America will be left with a bunch of mushy brain people who are so high to fence for themselves.






  1. Since Trump was elected, headlines – rather then rationality – have been driving the market. Perhaps it’s his nature to control the narrative with weekly episodes – and perhaps we are all bit players in his show. But to address your points:
    1) The sooner assault weapons are outlawed (again) we’ll be better off. At least Remington filed for BK last week.
    2) Mixed emotions on MJ. I think I’d prefer it to be legalized and taxed (there are medical benefits as well) with improved efforts on combating more serious drug issues such as opioids or heroin.
    3) Until we see government regulation in the crypto space the wild ride will persist. There are a few legitimate reasons for crypto to exist (the unbanked, rampant inflation) but most are crowd funding schemes that are operating on a hope and a prayer – and usually with an ICO that circumvents US law (or excludes US and Singapore investors). Mainly to enrich the founders. (Also see the CNBC piece on RIOT) today.
    4) No progress can be made without compromise. Until then, continue to expect the tail to continue wagging the dog.

    • MJ legalized and taxed maybe will relieve prison occupancy and smaller budget for legal cost, no cost to run the prison for non-violent crime.

      You’re right crypto, at lease when the dot com boom happened, the founders or the employees can’t sell stocks until a year has passed or something…

      There is. A growing concern with Israel f16 was shot, now, Iranian airplane is shot. Gaza is getting unstable once more time.

      Some long term investors are decreasing stock holding from 100% equity or 70%. It’s kind of interesting.

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