Buy buy buy $GE, $XOM


Quick update:

I bought some $GE at $32, then $22, then $19, now $14.xx. I think the risk of it going down further is lower. The yield is great at this time, and my hospital is still buying a lot of machine with GE logo on it. 
XOM is yielding 4%, so I’m going to initiate at $76.xx. I don’t think XOM has a big swing even when is up and up. I remember buying XOM at $75 many years ago, it hasn’t splitted since then, but the 3% yield every year is still nice. 

The gas price is probably facing some headwind as everybody believe the US is less dependent from foreign oil. But it might hold steady $40-60. Which we all know these oil and gas companies will survive. Oil was at $28/barrel, and it wasn’t a problem, so I think it’ll be ok. 

On my 401k, I had $3k in cash, so I bought the banking sector, I hope it would outperform the s&p 500, but not this quarter, I think the market was overbought, so investment banks WILL or HAVE been losing a lot of money like 2015.

I bought more shares of $O at $49.xx. As the interest rate increases, we’ll continue to see the price pressure on REITs. But instead of buying houses, I’d like to buy some REITs.

Other ones I’d like to investigate JCI. I’d like to see it going back down to $33. As I have several 23a AC unit reeds to be replaced, these HVAC companies are almost monopolized the market. So the prospect is pretty good.


  1. Love it! I’m always encouraged to see others buying in times of duress. Like the GE pick up. I think it will come back given enough time. In the meantime, collect those dividends and average down when you can. I am also continuing to make my monthly buys.

    • I did check your February watch list prior to making the purchase. I’ve been monitoring the yo-yo market. 1000 points off here and there is great for dividend investors.

      I still think there is more opportunities ahead for GE buy though, the market growth in 2017 was insane!

      GE yields 3%, and the 10 year T-note is 2.9%. The retirees or conservatives investors might just go for the safe bond market instead of the matured over 10 year bull market.

      Government shutdown is looming overnight hihihi, maybe more blood shedding tomorrow. My 401k contribution is tomorrow, hopefully it’s a down day.

      My 401k has lost $40k, 40% off the $100k gained from last year. Good thing I won’t have to touch this fund for another 30 years or so.

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