Two Separate Properties with Frozen Water Lines … Let’s 2018 Begins



Water line #1 got frozen

I was getting off work and my tenant told me they had no water. I came to check, no water. Called the city, they hasn’t shut anyone off since X-Mas. Come to find out, my tenant hasn’t turn on the heat for the winter, even when the temp is below 32F.

I told them to turn all the line on to lower the water pressure.

After 2 days, the water finally came back. I had my plumber came to insulate the water line in the attic.

Water line #1 got frozen and busted

Back in 2015 I had my garage finished because every year, it seems like that water line got frozen and busted. Well, this year, it busted again. Yikes.

Note to self: Winterized the garage and shut off the MAIN line to the garage at the beginning of the season to avoid all the drama.


The water is dripping out from the ceiling in my garage. I’m going have to shopvac the heck of of this or something to prevent mold.

More insulation, Find out where the leak is, close the wall up again.

No estimate on the damage just yet $500-$2000. I might as well rent the garage out so there is constantly people living in it. We’ll see though.

This will keep me busy for a minimum 1 week.


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