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After writing the post “Stock on my watch – VZ and QCOM“, I didn’t expect VZ to fall below $46 so soon. But I did, and I went ahead and bought 10 shares at $45.xx. Yielding at 5%. That would give me a $23.10/year in dividend.

I won’t do anymore analysis on VZ and why I buy it, as I posted it on the previous post.

Some of the bloggers that I follow are buying VZ are:

My Dividend Pipeline. He bought it a couple of times:

Recent Buy — VZ – My Dividend Pipeline – blogger @$48.05 and

Recent Buy — VZ – My Dividend Pipeline – blogger @$46.76

Captain Dividend: Recent Buy – Verizon (VZ) $47.83

Recent Buy – VZ, WPC | Passive Income Mavericks @$50.08

I’d say VZ range $43-52 is a good entry price. If it falls below $43, I don’t mind buying more VZ.

In the past, I’ve own 200 shares of VZ, and I want to get back to that level. I bought and sold VZ a couple times, each times, I made money on VZ. The first time I bought VZ was around $39/share, that was 2014. Unless something catastrophic happens, VZ probably will not go back to that level.

There are many stocks that are getting beat up even when the DOW is at the all time high level. So many “deals” are out there. I’d like to stretch the “timing in the market” is equally as important as “timing the market”. With VZ being down 20% off its high, I’m okay with taking the chance of “timing in the market” and hold on to my 10 shares for as long as I could and collecting dividend along the way. LOL :P.

What do you think of my $VZ buy? Are you taking the plunge or waiting awhile longer catching the bottom? Or not at all as you think “cutting the cord” is the trend, and T-mobile is the way to go, or 5G is the way to go? What are your thoughts?


  1. I already own AT&T but that has been on the decline for a while and actually decreasing my total capital value unfortunately. But I’m looking forward to initiating in VZ when its time for my new buy next months. Thanks for the post!

    • I think T won’t be down for too long. The Time warner segment will it an earning boost. Have you thought about average down on T? That way the stock doesn’t have to rebound as much to where you first initiated.

      But I’m long both T and VZ so I’m a little bit bias here 🙂

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